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Marketing Your Business on Instagram

Instagram can generate more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Marketing Your Business on Instagram

Being an entrepreneur of an online business makes you aware of the importance of having a viable social media presence for your organization to survive in the digital world. This is the only way you can reach out to your target audience in the virtual marketplace.

Today, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with approximately 700 million users in different parts of the world. This offers your business a tremendous potential to generate enough revenue for the sale of your products and services to this online public to gain the competitive edge over rival companies.

Experts specializing in the field of digital marketing and social networking say you need to consider the following tips when it comes to using Instagram as an effective marketing tool for your business:

Showcase your product in a way that highlights your creativity. When it comes to advertising your products on Instagram for your target audience, you should display them in such a manner to attract their attention to the message you are trying to convey. You need to lay more stress on how your commodities are superior in quality and functionality to those of your competitors in the virtual marketplace. This is an endeavor you will also be highlighting your creativity to your target audience.

Show your clients how your business makes the products. Customers are always curious to know how companies make the products they find in the marketplace. With Instagram’s unique video options, you can take your clients on a virtual tour of your establishment. During this visit, you explain to them the various aspects that goes into making the products you sell them as an entrepreneur. You can also highlight the areas where your commodities are a cut above the rest in comparison to other similar goods they find in the virtual marketplace.

Mention your employees’ success stories to a larger audience. Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows people to share their success stories with a large international audience. If the products you sell to your online clients make a difference in the lives of those who create them, you can share this information with your target audience. This will go a long way in helping such online viewers to realize how the growth of your business establishment can be a catalyst in enhancing the livelihood of your workers and their families. You can also highlight the charity work your establishment undertakes to make this world a better place for future generations. This will also increase your Like4Like ratio and increase your brand presence.

Utilize hashtags with your online campaigns. When it comes to marketing the products, you sell to your online clients try to use relevant hashtag messages to make the online campaigns more meaningful to your target audience. This makes it easier for online visitors to relate to such strategies.

If you want your business enterprise to gain the competitive edge in the virtual marketplace over your rivals, you need to use Instagram as an effective online marketing tool to achieve this objective. This is will not only ensure the survival of your establishment in such an environment but also boost your online revenues.

Walter Moore is a digital marketing consultant. He is an expert in getting Instagram followers for businesses. He also has a blog and writes about how to get followers on Instagram.

Instagram can be used to market shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

What Does Instagram Offer Entrepreneurs and Marketers?

Instagram is the king of all social networking platforms. It has over 400 billion active users who log in every day and followed brands and other individuals daily.

It gives e-commerce website owners a glorious opportunity to market their products to a whole new market, especially since about 80 percent of all Instagrammers engage with different brands on a regular basis. A majority of them engage actively simply because they like the brand online.

According to TrackMaven, the engagement ratio on Instagram is eight times higher than Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, at an average. However, you must also remember what Instagram co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom recently said, “Instagrammers miss about 70 percent of the posts on their feed”. All users face this common problem each day unless they are following someone rigorously.

Here are a few things you can do as the owner of a business who wants to make it big on Instagram

Create content your real Instagram followers want. Initially, you may find it hard to read your audience. Try using social listening tools. It will help you find out what your potential customers are saying about you and how you can deliver exactly what they need. Use HD images that are roughly 1080 x 1080 pixels. Keep your captions as short as possible and include your Insta-handle too.

Schedule content. This bit is significant for all marketers on Instagram. You cannot sit and write content for your Instagram account every day. You need to schedule at least 14 days’ worth content. We call it pre-loading. You can use a reliable tool to schedule posting content on certain days when you are expecting higher traffic and more visibility. Keeping your presence regular on Instagram is as important as creating new content. To maintain the regularity, you need to schedule content for your profile.

Engage directly. You need to interact with your real Instagram followers. If you are organizing a contest, declare the winner personally or reward them publicly. Keep the conversations effortless. It will add a human face to your business, and it will help your customers relate to your brand image. It is always better to directly answer the queries of your potential buyers and existing customers. Always remember to never engage in direct conflict. If someone says something negative about you, you can always reason with them. Do not be rude to your potential buyers.

A few added points

Digital marketing experts recommend using the Instagram Live tool. It increases engagement significantly. All posts with a geotag command 79 percent more engagement. User generated content get high views. About 70 percent of all Instagrammers actually take part in photo contests, and about 41 percent of all users simply follow a brand for free goodies.

These stats will help you build your e-commerce profile on Instagram with more accuracy. Get a photo to represent your business. Type in an interesting bio with a live website link and get started with high definition pictures of your products, today!

Walter Moore is a digital marketing consultant. He is an expert in getting Instagram followers for businesses. He also has a blog and writes about how to get followers for Instagram.