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Same-Day Shipping: How to Get it Done

Same say delivery is a challenge for shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

Same-Day Shipping: How to Get it Done

In today’s consumer-driven, omnichannel world, it is imperative to to be able to meet customer demands like same-day shipping.

Same-day shipping can place a strain on the resources and parties involved. It requires having the product in stock and having a way to deliver it. Drop shipping removes the expensive, unwieldy middleman that is warehouse storage, with goods shipping directly from the supplier. Instead of the retailer having to check its own stock, the merchandise is shipped directly to the customer as soon as the order is placed.

Drop shippers automate the order-to-delivery process across the entire supplier network. Real-time ordering allows the suppliers to process orders faster, reducing cycle lead times. This is key for same-day delivery as the shipping process starts from the minute the order is placed. The software behind drop shipping means that information is available fast for real-time visibility of order details and delivery status. If there are any red flags with the order, the drop shipping platform can flag them immediately before they impact the customer.

Businesses should also consider working with different warehouses—often in disparate locations—to ensure customer needs are met. In order to be successful in working with multiple warehouses, though, you need a powerful warehouse management system flexible enough to support operations such as dock and yard management, cross docking, pick and pack, cycle counting, and automatic replenishment.

This can become a complicated process without a comprehensive supply chain platform to help users to become more efficient in the movement of goods. A strong supply chain software solution allows users to streamline and automate their transportation, customs, and warehouse operations and boosts global visibility and collaboration, which helps prevent merchandise from getting lost or held up.

Sian Hopwood is senior vice president for B2B and Steve Williamson is a supply chain specialist at Kewill.