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CargoAi Is Announcing An Exciting New Partnership with Air Cargo Inc.

Afa cargostack tiaca forwarders

CargoAi Is Announcing An Exciting New Partnership with Air Cargo Inc.

CargoAi is happy to announce a new strategic partnership with Air Cargo Inc., the oldest and largest network of Air Freight cartage agents providing first and last mile services to the Air Cargo Industry North America since 1941. This collaboration is designed to grow both companies’ ability to deliver to their customers the most innovative and advanced way of managing their shipments through CargoAi’ freight forwarding solution.

Driven by the passion for building upon and expanding by providing information, service and value, ACI offers an optimized-to-date booking experience of first and last-mile transportation to freight forwarders and air carriers in US and Canada.

A Partnership to Improve Customer Experience

To help its customers, CargoAi is partnering with Air Cargo Inc. to provide freight forwarders and their customers with real-time visibility.  The synergy between the two companies allows for mutual cross integration of the two platforms that will enrich customer experience on both ends by providing visibility on multimodal shipments across the globe.

This partnership will allow ACI’s customers to access CargoAi’s freight forwarding solution, and, CargoAi’s customers will have access to ACI’s platform.

Innovating to help freight forwarders and their customers

CargoAi’s platform enables real-time visibility, predictive ETAs, and the ability to assess route viability and performance. The CargoAi platform will allow existing and ACI’s customers to access air and ground services and get up-to-date and accurate information on their shipments through a single platform.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership and continue in our commitment to make real-time visibility and industry standard. We are certain that this partnership will help to provide a better level of customer experience for Air Cargo Inc and CargoAi customers,” added Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi.

CargoAi is currently in use by over 5000+ forwarders as well as multiple airlines in 102 countries. These airlines include:

Air Canada CargoIAGEtihadTAPFinnair and many more

Air Cargo Inc.’s 2700 freight forwarders would be able to access CargoAi’s digital freight forwarding platform, just to be valued customers. Simply click this link to create a free account and you’ll get access to rates and perform eBooking and eQuote from more than 60 airlines.

CargoAi customers can open a free account with ACI by clicking here.

About CargoAi

Launched in 2019, CargoAi is on a mission to bring the best available technologies to airfreight. Cloud native and with an API-first architecture, the company is closing the technology gap and driving the enablement of an efficient and connected airfreight ecosystem.

CargoAi offers a complete range of digital air cargo solutions to freight forwarders, airlines and GSAs, including a SaaS booking application available either as a marketplace and under White Label, an API Suite that integrates directly into TMS and ERP systems, an AI-powered Cargo Business Intelligence as well as an integrated Sustainability solution that spans the entire portfolio.

Using the CargoAi solutions, forwarders are empowered to drive every stage of the air freight procurement process with greater efficiency and visibility- from planning, booking, and executing shipments right through to monitoring cargo deliveries. The gains in efficiency, customer reach and business opportunities directly translate to top and bottom-line impact for carrier partners.

The airfreight’s largest AI-powered ecosystem was selected in the Gartner Cool vendor in Supply Chain Execution Technologies, 2021. CargoAi is headquartered in Singapore with teams in all continents. For more information about CargoAi, visit

Afa cargostack tiaca forwarders

Wiremind Cargo unveils its CargoStack CMS

Leading French technology specialist, Wiremind Cargo has launched CargoStack – a comprehensive SaaS Cargo Management System (CMS) suite enabling enhanced air cargo activity steering through AI-driven insights

CargoStack is Wiremind Cargo’s first holistic product suite designed to ensure seamless interaction between airlines, GHAs, GSAs, and forwarders. Built around a SaaS core system, airlines can use the CMS to manage their entire cargo activity from schedule to live capacity and bookings, from products and customer management, to flight optimization and loading. Since all data points within CargoStack, such as rates or capacity information, are linked to respective APIs, its strategic modules can easily be integrated into the IT landscapes of the airline, whether to its own systems or those of its forwarding customers, as well as its GSA and GHA partners.

“Connectivity is the future, and we want our customers to be able to concentrate fully on their sales and operational activities, benefitting from highly innovative system support. Gone are the days where IT often posed a hindrance to work processes. Our technology offers data and insights that enable improved decision making and far more efficient workflows. Seamless integration and ultimate user experience is our aim,” Nathanaël de Tarade, Chief Executive Officer of Wiremind Cargo, explains. “When it comes to setting up CargoStack, the airline simply tells us who CargoStack should be plugged with, and we make it happen.”

The entire system architecture has been designed to enhance the airline’s competitive advantage, and three core features differentiate CargoStack from other CMS solutions on the market. First and foremost, is its excellent user experience. CargoStack’s unique look and feel is a key factor in its fast and easy adoption.

Secondly, CargoStack includes Wiremind Cargo’s flagship capacity optimization module, SkyPallet – a revolution in shipment steering and flight planning, given that it enables flight optimization throughout all stages of the flight. SkyPallet leads to improved quoting, booking acceptance, flight management, and ULD build-up plans, and is used by leading international airlines.

Thirdly, CargoStack’s Revenue Management capabilities, programmed by an industry-recognised data science team, and capable of managing well in excess of 150 million bookings per year. Thanks to proven technical expertise in AI and forecasting abilities, CargoStack offers unparalleled revenue optimization features such as Dynamic Pricing and Overbooking Forecasting. “With CargoStack, as with all Wiremind Cargo products, our customers are purchasing perfection in evolution. We offer a fully functional CMS that benefits from the periodic release of new features as we continue to further enhance and fine-tune functionalities,” de Tarade states.

Since CargoStack is a software as a service (SaaS) product, customers benefit from competitive and highly cost-effective solutions when it comes to maintenance and implementation, as well as a product that is easily able to keep pace with the dynamic changes within the air cargo industry.

About Wiremind Cargo

Launched in 2022, Wiremind Cargo is the cargo arm of the Wiremind Group, founded in 2014. With this division, the company is positioned in the field of freight with experts entirely dedicated to the needs of this industry and the development of dedicated tools. Those engineers come from the transport & logistics industries and know how to exploit technology in a truly meaningful way to create business value. Whether it is a GSA, a GHA, a freight forwarder or even an airline, Wiremind Cargo will be able to meet its needs in terms of inventory, reservations, capacity management, pricing, or optimization.



The Group’s cargo airline experience dates back to its CAL Cargo Airlines’ beginnings in 1976, and its handling division (previously known

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! The Strengths Behind the Slogan

The past two years have been the most challenging in the entire history of aviation and yet, for one air cargo conglomeration, challenges are what it thrives and, literally, delivers on: Welcome to Challenge Group – Experts in international cargo solutions.

When you bring together experience, an extensive skillset capable of tackling any air cargo and aviation situation, and when defining individual, customer-centric solutions is in your company’s DNA, then adopting Challenge as your name and “Challenge Accepted” as your corporate slogan, is a very logical move.

It is also part of a major rebranding that has been underway ever since the Group embarked on its harmonized restructuring in 2020. So, who is Challenge Group? Headed by CEO, Yossi Shoukroun, the Group incorporates three airlines: CAL Cargo Airlines based in Israel, Challenge Airlines BE based in Belgium, Challenge Airlines MT and Challenge Air Cargo, the commercial arm of the Group, both based in Malta, its own ground handling company in Liege, Belgium: Challenge Handling, a strong European road feeder network out of Liege: Challenge Logistics, an aircraft and parts leasing division: Challenge Aviation, and a comprehensive line maintenance provider: Challenge Technic. The Group’s cargo airline experience dates back to its CAL Cargo Airlines’ beginnings in 1976, and its handling division (previously known as LACHS) was established in 1997. The other companies were founded over the course of the past six years. Malta-based Challenge Air Cargo is the latest addition and is due to commence operations this year.

Challenge Group’s core expertise in airfreight, handling, and logistics, has established it as a leading provider of reliable, integrated, and tailor-made, air-cargo door-to-door solutions. In fact, 65% of its business is non-standard cargo that requires innovative, industry-specific handling solutions: many of these have been for outsize freight shipments. One reason why, alongside a host of state-of-the-art and highly automated air cargo handling equipment and facilities, the Group is in possession of Europe’s largest 52-tonne high-loader, located in Liege. From temperature-sensitive shipments (IATA CEIV Pharma-certified in the air and on the ground), to dangerous goods, all the way through to live animals (Challenge Handling also manages the ultra-modern Horse Inn hotel, one of the finest in Europe, at Liege Airport: more than 250 horses passed through it to on their way to the Tokyo Olympics last year, for example); Challenge Group is trained, certified, and experienced in handling and flying all kinds of commodities.

Over the last four years, the company has trebled its capacity and now handles 300,000 tonnes of cargo per year, with an ambition to reach half a million tonnes annually by 2023. Today, it counts 850 employees and a fleet of four B747-400F. These will soon be complemented by four 767-300BDSF and four 777-300ERSF conversions over the next two years, Challenge Group follows a solid, 5-year expansion strategy in terms of further fleet growth, exploring new business areas, and continuing to develop its rapidly expanding first and last mile services across Europe and the US, to provide quality end-to-end solutions to its customers.

“Air cargo is a people-driven industry, full of down-to-earth, hands-on characters. We identify strongly with this direct, solution-focused approach, and have incorporated company values that precisely reflect this attitude: Passion, Authenticity, Agility. The perfect ingredients for the success of our ‘Challenge Accepted’ promise. We enjoy getting things done!” says Yossi Shoukroun, CEO of Challenge Group.

A modern, unified digital presence is also part of the new branding scheme, aimed at bringing the Group’s different divisions together. Yet, one feature of the Group that is already inherent and identical across all of its companies, is the attitude of its people: it is their can-do approach, creativity, and total customer focus, that ensure the highest levels of quality, safety, and efficiency in solving all challenges entrusted to Challenge Group. Challenge accepted – Challenge solved!

About Challenge Group

Challenge Group is a unique, international air cargo conglomeration offering tailored air freight industry solutions from handling, air and ground logistics, to aviation services, for a wide range of industries and commodities.

Challenge Group employs 850 people across three airlines (CAL Cargo Airlines in Israel, Challenge Airlines BE in Belgium, Challenge Airlines MT in Malta),  a commercial division (Challenge Air Cargo) in Malta, a ground handling company (Challenge Handling in Liege, Belgium), a European road feeder provider (Challenge Logistics in Liege, Belgium), an aircraft and parts leasing division (Challenge Aviation), and a comprehensive line maintenance provider (Challenge Technic). The company has trebled its capacity over the past four years and now handles 300,000+ tonnes of cargo per year.

cargoai donation Qatar Airways Cargo Teams Up with Cainiao to Launch a Weekly Charter Flight Linking China and Brazil

Qatar Airways Cargo is a Thoroughbred in Horse Transport

Qatar Airways Cargo safely transported 190 of the world’s finest horses to and from equestrian events in Qatar and Saudi Arabia recently

Due to the Amir Sword Festival in Doha (17-19 February), the Saudi Cup in Riyadh (25-26 February), the Commercial Bank CHI AL SHAQAB  presented by Longines in Doha (24-26 February), and the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) in Doha (3-5 March), Qatar Airways Cargo carried 190 of the world’s fastest racehorses and finest show jumping and dressage horses on its freighters over the past few weeks.

The prestigious HH The Amir Sword Festival, hailed as the high point in the Qatar equestrian racing calendar, attracts thoroughbreds and pure Arabian horses from all over the world, in competition to win the USD 4.34 million in prize money. The horses transported by Qatar Airways Cargo originate in Ireland, the United Kingdom and France. Those horses competing in the CHI AL SHAQAB and LGCT, on the other hand, come from all over Europe. Qatar Airways Cargo coordinates their transport together with specialiszd horse agents in Europe and Qatar. They travel via the Horse Inn at Liège Airport (LGG), which sees much of Europe’s horse traffic and Hamad International Airport (DOH). In total, three full horse charters flew from LGG to DOH: two on 19 February and one on 20 February.

The Saudi Cup preparations were a little more complex since they involved arranging a double pick-up from the USA. Between 14-16 February, Qatar Airways Cargo flew first to Los Angeles (LAX) to pick up four horses, and from there on to Miami (MIA), to collect another eight and fly them all to Riyadh (RUH), Saudi Arabia. Two days later, on 18 February, 14 horses were flown from Osaka Airport (KIX) in Japan, to Riyadh, also for the Saudi Cup.

“Every horse transport requires meticulous advance planning and coordination with the customers, the specialized freight forwarders, and the respective airport facilities. We take great pains to ensure that the animals entrusted to our care have as stress-free a journey as possible, naturally in line with all animal transport regulations. Alongside state-of-the-art horse stalls, and seats for the grooms on board our freighters, we also ensure that the distance to the aircraft from the airport animal facility, as well as the waiting times are as short as possible,” Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways explained. “Race-horses often have a very high value, and they are shipped three to seven days prior to the event in order to be at peak fitness on the race day. We are well versed in dealing with this precious cargo. Horses meanwhile make up around 35% of all our QR Live animal shipments, and we are one of the main horse transportation carriers in the world.”

All horses were safely returned to their countries, on board three charter flights from Doha to Liège on 28 February, 6 and 7 March, respectively.

Qatar Airways Cargo is the fourth airline worldwide, and the first Middle Eastern carrier to be awarded the IATA CEIV Live Animals certification in January this year. The airline has in-depth experience in transporting horses and world-class thoroughbreds and is a long-standing sponsor of HH The Amir Sword Festival and partner of the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC).

About Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo, the world’s leading international air cargo carrier is based in Doha, State of Qatar. It serves a global network of more than 60 freighter destinations and 140 passenger destinations utilising freighters, belly-hold passenger flights, passenger freighters and mini freighters. The airline’s freighter fleet includes two Boeing 747-8 freighters, two Boeing 747-4 freighters, 26 Boeing 777 freighters, one Airbus A330 freighter, one Airbus A310 freighter and one Boeing 777-300ER mini freighter. It also has an extensive road feeder service (RFS) network.

With considerable investments in its products, services, quality handling, infrastructure, facilities, people and procedures at each of its destinations, the cargo carrier provides high operating standards for the transportation of cargo. Qatar Airways Cargo remains committed to sustainability and giving back to communities it serves through its sustainability programme WeQare, built on the key pillars of sustainability: environment, society, economy and culture.


 Bluebird Nordic operates a fleet of 9 B737F and recently signed leases for three Boeing 777-300ER which are undergoing

Bluebird Nordic Signs GSSA Contract with NordicGSA

With the start of this year, ECS Group company, NordicGSA in Denmark, has become the GSSA for the Icelandic cargo airline, Bluebird Nordic, an Avia Solutions Group company.

 Bluebird Nordic operates a fleet of 9 B737F and recently signed leases for three Boeing 777-300ER which are undergoing passenger-to-freighter conversions and expected to be operational in 2024. The GSSA contract signed with NordicGSA, is unlimited. NordicGSA’s responsibilities cover Bluebird Nordic’s Monday to Friday daily flight operations from Billund (BLL), Denmark, to Keflavík (KEF), Iceland, and back, with import distribution operations to Northern Germany. The main commodities being moved are fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, clothing, electricals, and other general freight.

“We have a good, long-standing professional relationship with Bluebird Nordic here in Denmark, having worked together on projects in the past, so I am delighted that Magnus Magnusson and I were now able to conclude a formal GSSA agreement,” Thomas Frederiksen, Managing Director – Denmark at NordicGSA, who signed the GSSA contract on behalf of all the ECS Group countries involved, states.

“We have high hopes for this new route from BLL and CGN, as it allows us to service our biggest export markets, Germany, Belgium, and France, with fresh fish,” Magnus Magnusson, Business Development Director at Bluebird Nordic, reveals. “There is a great deal of interest from the freight forwarders in Iceland in this new lane, as it opens up new opportunities for imports from the Nordic countries that have until now only been served by passenger aircraft.”

About Bluebird Nordic

Bluebird Nordic provides import and export air freight services worldwide. With direct flights between Iceland and Dublin from Monday through Friday – the company can offer extensive customization options to its customers. In close cooperation with a leading airline like Aer Lingus Cargo, Emirates Sky Cargo, UPS Air Cargo and other well know cargo carriers,  enable Bluebird Nordic to provide a global airfreight reach to more than 100 locations all over the world. 

About ECS Group

ECS Group is the world leader in GSSA business, serving airlines. Representing hundreds of companies in over 50 countries through its 167 offices, ECS Group knows it can count on its 1,200+ employees around the world to offer high-quality service tailored to each of its partners. Thanks to this ever-increasing network, in 2020 ECS Group carried over 1,100,000 tons on behalf of the airlines it represents and, in this way, contributes to their growth and development on the international stage in the air cargo sector. ECS Group has received many awards from its peers and is the favoured partner and go-to GSSA in the cargo industry.

About NordicGSA

NordicGSA, founded in 1996, is one of the leading general cargo sales agents (GSSA) in the Nordic countries. The company is well-established, well-connected and highly successful. Working with a portfolio of respected and reliable airline partners, NordicGSA provides cargo solutions to destinations worldwide, offering sales, marketing and operational services to the entire Nordic region.

cargoai donation Qatar Airways Cargo Teams Up with Cainiao to Launch a Weekly Charter Flight Linking China and Brazil

Qatar Airways Cargo Teams Up with Cainiao to Launch a Weekly Charter Flight Linking China and Brazil

Cainiao partners with Qatar Airways Cargo to support e-commerce growth in South America with the launch of a weekly Boeing 777 freighter service linking Hong Kong (HKG), China, and São Paulo (GRU), Brazil.

 DOHA, Qatar/HANGZHOU, China – Cainiao Network (Cainiao), the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, announced the partnership with Qatar Airways Cargo to launch a weekly charter flight from Hong Kong (HKG), China, to São Paulo (GRU), Brazil, and serve one of Cainiao’s fastest-growing e-commerce destinations in Latin America.

On 5 March, the first Cainiao chartered Boeing 777 freighter departed Hong Kong Airport (HKG) at 6.45 p.m. UTC, headed for Guarulhos Airport (GRU), São Paulo, Brazil, with a tech stop at Qatar Airways Cargo’s hub in Doha, Qatar. The cargo on board included online retail products such as beauty and fashion goods, jewelry, watches, appliances, toys, and sports equipment. Operating once a week, the Boeing 777 freighter provides 100 tonnes of cargo capacity.

“Cainiao’s mission is to deliver globally within 72 hours; a goal that can be achieved with the right logistics partners. In just over a year, Cainiao has established a comprehensive operation in Latin America, and we see that e-commerce retail in Brazil, in particular, is growing at a phenomenal rate. With Qatar Airways Cargo, we are in a good position to support that growth, and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership,” says William Xiong, Cainiao’s Chief Strategist and General Manager for Export Logistics. Cainiao has experienced a three-figure growth rate in its Latin American business over the past year and has driven a focused air cargo network expansion in recent months to secure smooth supply chain performance.

“There is no doubt that e-commerce is not only here to stay but is also one of the fastest-growing commodities within logistics, today. It demands versatility, speed, accuracy, and a reliable, global network,” Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo of Qatar Airways Cargo, explains. “We are constantly enhancing our service offering. We launched specialized e-commerce products with charter programs, among others, back in 2015, already – around the same time as we began operations to Guarulhos, São Paulo. We are therefore in a strong position to assist Cainiao, both with our understanding of and experience in handling fast-moving consumer goods, as well as with our established network and trained staff at all three charter touchpoints: in Hong Kong, at our state-of-the-art hub in Doha, and at São Paulo. We are delighted to welcome Cainiao on board.”