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World Distribution Services Announces $6.2 million Warehouse Renovation

World Distribution Services Announces $6.2 million Warehouse Renovation

Driven by a vision for infrastructure upgrades, technology enhancements, and new machinery, supply chain solutions provider World Distribution Services announced plans to refurbish and build 320,000 square feet of warehousing space at a facility in Virginia Beach. The added space will be solely dedicated to manufacturing and retail goods with 20,000 square feet specifically dedicated to food grade space.

“Our new warehouse will feature a top tier Warehouse Management System (WMS) with RF scanning technology. Our WMS gives our clients 24/7/365 access to their inventory data, and seamlessly integrates with their ERP systems,” said WDS SVP John Morrow. “What this means is that we can easily handle inventory management and order fulfillment services for our clients, and provide them with extremely accurate tracking, tracing, and reporting that fits their needs.”

Artistic rendering of the future World Distribution Services warehouse at 1537 Air Rail Avenue in Virginia Beach. The refurbished warehouse will be 320,000 square feet with 20,000 square feet of dedicated food-grade space.
Credit: World Distribution Services

With an estimated completion date for March 2020 and a prime location within 15 miles of Port of Virginia’s container terminals, the renovation will also bring 35 new jobs to the region.

“This company will be nearly doubling its warehousing space [in Virginia], which speaks to its success and its expectations for the future,” said VBDA Interim Economic Development Director Taylor Adams. The VBDA approved an EDIP grant of $35,000 for WDS based on the number of new jobs it will create.”

“We are very excited to be expanding our warehouse operations into Virginia Beach in 2020.  We wanted to bring high quality facilities close to the Port of Virginia to better serve our customers and to improve the work environment for our employees. Thanks to the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development, we were able to find a facility that will meet both of those objectives,” said Duncan Wright, President of WDS.


Bremen Confirmed for Breakbulk Europe 2020

Bremen, Germany will once again host the largest event for the project cargo and breakbulk industry during the 2020 Breakbulk Europe event, according to information shared by ITE Group prior the upcoming 2019 Breakbulk Europe event that will take place May 21-23 in Messe Bremen.

“Breakbulk Europe returning to Bremen also in 2020 is great news for our location. Bremen ‘breathes’ trade and logistics, is one of the main breakbulk ports in Europe and therefore the logical choice as host of Breakbulk Europe,” Günthner said. “We are glad that we were able to convince ITE to come to Bremen for the third year in a row and to give us the chance to be a great host again for this wonderful show with more than 10.000 exhibitors and visitors.”

“We are delighted to be returning to the historic city of Bremen for the third year in a row,” said Nick Davison, Portfolio Director for Breakbulk Events, ITE Group .“Bremen has really stepped up its commitment to provide the services to support this event. In fact, the city will provide free public transportation on its trams and trains to make traveling between the venue, hotels, restaurants and popular tourist sites around town convenient to all participants.”

This year’s event will include more than 550 companies exhibiting and currently boasts an increase in visitor registration by 40 percent. Additions to the 2019 event include Hall 7 showcasing a Masters Arena and the Breakbulk Masters lounge and an increase in food venues and bars.

“Bremen can do ports and Bremen can do trade fairs. And that is why Bremen is the ideal partner city for ITE to host this outstanding event again in 2020,” Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports, said. “I am both pleased and proud that we will have the opportunity to be good hosts to the international port business once again. On behalf of everyone at bremenports, ‘Welcome to Breakbulk City!’”

To read more about Breakbulk Europe 2019, visit:

Digital Solutions take the Spotlight during Supply Chain Forum 2019

It’s no surprise that digital transformation served as the primary driver behind the message presented by leaders from Siemens Digital Logistics during the 2019 Supply Chain Forum in Frankenthal. The company’s first-ever joint conference forum delivered key insights on the importance of thorough implementation and understanding technology’s role in mitigating risk and generating success. More than 100 attendees from the commercial, manufacturing, and logistics industries participated in the conference.

“We need to increase the investments in implementing digital solutions. Digital transformation is not cheap, it doesn’t happen on its own, and it can’t be done half-heartedly,” warned Frauke Heistermann, a digital expert on the Board of the German Logistics Association (BVL). “Companies also need to develop and cultivate curiosity and enthusiasm for technology and all things digital among their top executives.”

Supply chain risks are inevitable and the key to success is through identifying and implementing a solution that makes them manageable, according to key takeaways highlighted during the forum. As the digitization of processes continues, industry leaders are encouraging companies to do away with paper and rely on software for seamless management. With these changes, scheduling and resource planning become streamlined and ultimately reduce economic damages.

Uwe Schumacher, Vice President of Business Development at Siemens Digital Logistics, reiterates this message by adding that the key to integrating planning, collaboration, and transparency in global supply chains is a reliable software solution.

“Visibility is the single most important aspect in the supply chain,” he adds.

Maven Wave Earns Google Cloud North America Services Partner of the Year

Google Cloud Premier Partner, Maven Wave, now boasts its second consecutive title as Google’s North American Partner of the Year following recognition during this year’s Partner Summit at Google Cloud Next ‘19. The consulting and technology firm’s outstanding ability to deliver digital solutions to customers served as the focal point of the recognition. Maven Wave is known for developing these solutions through the utilization of Google Cloud innovations.

“It is an incredible honor to receive this award for the second year in a row. This achievement recognizes the extraordinary efforts from our teams who, together with our visionary customers and valued Google Cloud partners, have been able to realize remarkable success in enterprise digital transformation,” said Jason Lee, Partner and Founder at Maven Wave.

Maven Wave has served as a Google Cloud Premier Partner for nine years with specializations in areas such as Application Development, Cloud Migration, Data Analytics, Enterprise Collaboration, Infrastructure, Location-Based Services, Machine Learning, and Marketing Analytics.

“Google Cloud provides industry-leading, cloud-native products that allow us to accelerate the development of innovative enterprise solutions, from modernizing infrastructure to creating intelligence from data and enabling work transformation. We remain absolutely committed to our Google Cloud partnership and look forward to continued success for our customers in 2019 and beyond.” 

Supply Chain Communications Streamlined with Riege + Partnership

German digital logistics provider, Riege Software, confirmed its partnership with cloud-based platform to support efforts increasing speed, accuracy, and visibility for supply chain stakeholders communicating
data between multiple internal and external systems.

“It is no question that continuous improvement to the technologies we use is an essential component in the future of international freight management,” says Thomas Jorgensen, President & CEO of Green Worldwide Shipping. “By increasing the operational efficiency of our technologies, we are able to free more time for our freight experts to do what they do best – service the client.”

Green Worldwide Shipping is one of Riege’s U.S. customers that adopted
Scope integration with, ultimately leading to cross-platform capability enhancements. Following the implementation of’s platform, company’s can anticipate a simplified approach to supply chain integrations including Avanced Shipping Notices, Inventory updates, IOT data streams, Shipment status updates, eCommerce orders and deliveries.

The collaboration aims to provide transparent visibility experiences for shippers as it offers more options, capabilities, and connectivity through an innovative platform.

“As logistics providers move towards digitization, they’re being asked to connect to more and more systems across many technology stacks,” said Brian Glick,’s CEO. “We’re excited to provide Riege’s customers with a fast, flexible tool to help automate both shipper and agent connectivity.”

“Scope is predestined to connect applications and therefore also entities, it gives our customers more opportunities for collaboration, transparency and the facilities to meet their shippers requirements,” added
Tobias Riege, PhD and CEO of Riege Software. “We are delighted for Green Worldwide Shipping to have undertaken this journey with us.”

CEVA Logistics Announces the Extension of FCA Contract

Warehouse and outbound transportation initiatives will be further supported through a contract extension between CEVA Logistics and Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) in Brazil, according to an announcement this weekend.

Adding to 21 years of partnering between the two, the extension will consist of an additional four and a half years to the partnership with CEVA employing more than 450 employees for added support. CEVA confirmed it will also support new business efforts for outbound transportation in the south region in Brazil.

“We have created a compelling solution for FCA and its dealer network. It is a great honor to continue expanding our partnership with such a strategic customer. The outcome of these negotiations is the result of our commitment to consistently delivering operational excellence and continuous improvement to FCA. It also reinforces our presence in aftermarket solutions related to the automotive sector,” explains Daniel Cortazzo, Senior Manager Business Development for Automotive and Industrial sectors at CEVA in Brazil.

CEVA’s current services contract with FCA is focused at them Betim facility and boasts production capacity of 180,000 outbound lines per month.

Supply Chain Professionals: Unilever

Unilever is no rookie when it comes to competitive supply chain management strategies, as the company highlighted close to $34 billion for total spend in their May 2018 Supply Chain Overview report. Within those figures, logistics and operations made up 44 percent of the total cost with marketing and business services closely following at 34 percent. The report also revealed the regions heavily involved with the total spend was split between Asia (32 percent), Europe (30 percent) and the Americas (27 percent), which all together made up 89 percent. The remaining 11 percent were split among regions such as the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Africa. These numbers make it very clear that Unilever boasts a significant global presence and shows no signs of slowing down.

The company has also been making news headlines with efforts toward waste-elimination, which creates an environment supportive of cost reduction and maximizing the use of packaging. Through what’s known as the Loop, premium packaging that is delivered directly to the customer is returned and refilled. Aluminum and glass were among the materials announced in the waste-free shopping system. The goal is to reduce the number of packages being thrown away. Global brands such as Dove and AXE confirmed they will test the Loop system with a stainless steel designed to last for at least 100 cycles, according to Unilever.

“We want to put an end to the current ‘take-make-dispose’ culture and are committed to taking big steps towards designing our products for re-use,” says Unilever CEO Alan Jope. “We’re proud to be a founding partner of Loop, which will deliver our much-loved brands in packaging which is truly circular by design.”

Unilever is a prime example of what it takes to sustain growth when the environment isn’t willing to cooperate. The company released information revealing that 2018 proved to be successful with total growth of 3.1 percent, minus spreads and July Argentina growth. Argentina’s hyperinflation was to blame for the exclusion.

“Looking forward, accelerating growth will be our number one priority,” Jope vows. “With so many of our brands enjoying leadership positions, we have significant opportunities to develop our markets, as well as to benefit from our deep global reach and purpose-led brands. We will capitalize on our strengthened organization and portfolio, and our digital transformation program, to bring higher levels of speed and agility. Strong delivery from our savings programs will improve productivity and fund our growth ambitions.

“In 2019 we expect market conditions to remain challenging. We anticipate underlying sales growth will be in the lower half of our multi-year, 3-5 percent range, with continued improvement in underlying operating margin and another year of strong free cash flow. We remain on track for our 2020 goals.”

Supply Chain Professionals: DHL Supply Chain

Deutsche Post DHL Group subsidiary, DHL Supply Chain, continues making global news headlines through newly implemented green fleet, medical express service expansions, and hiring and retention strategies. More importantly, however, is the company’s expert analysis by taking a closer look into the crystal ball of supply chain trends for 2019. Back in January, the leading American contract logistics provider shared a detailed report highlighting emerging technologies, trends and complexities to come this year.

“Supply chain complexity has been growing for years and several of these trends threaten to create even more complexity,” said Scott Sureddin, CEO of DHL Supply Chain, North America. “However, we are also now seeing key technologies reach a level of maturity that enables them to be used to better manage complexity while also increasing productivity and reducing costs. That makes 2019 a very exciting year in the continuing evolution of the industry.”

This proactive approach makes DHL Supply Chain one of the top supply chain companies on a national and global level. With emerging complexities on the supply chain horizon, the company strategically prepares its operations by acknowledging and carefully evaluating all avenues that make up successful supply chain operations. Whether it be the role technology and automation play, or addressing the talent gap, DHL Supply Chain displays a thorough understanding of what it takes to maintain success in an unpredictable market.

In November, the company announced a $300 million investment to support implementing emerging technologies to not only better enable their own diverse customer base but to also support their customers’ client base. The integration strategy addressed a variety of customer roadblocks within the supply chain, identifying complexities and capacity restraints specifically pertaining to e-commerce and omnichannel. Out of 430 North American facilities, 350 were part of the emerging technology implementation. Technologies integrated were dependent on customer needs and internal innovation research.

“This investment is about a holistic view of emerging technologies that enables our customers to achieve their growth and profitability goals,” Sureddin says. “Our customers’ needs are not homogenous as each business and segment has unique challenges and levels of maturity. Therefore, it is important that our customers can benefit from our experiences and expertise with a variety of emerging technologies.”

ProMat Day Three Combines Education, Awards, and Comedy

Thought leaders, exhibitors, and attendees kept the momentum going on day three of this year’s massive ProMat Trade Show in Chicago, despite chilly temperatures. Wednesday’s education seminars continued addressing some of the biggest industry challenges while identifying key differentiators that foster optimal results and competitive advantage.

One of the most talked about themes at this year’s conference is the major issue of labor shortages. Employee recruitment and retention are among the biggest concerns for industry players. As automation continues reducing unnecessary manpower, human involvement has become a complex role to balance. Topic leaders across multiple sectors have already made it very clear that humans in the workplace continue to be a critical component. Even so, some companies continue expressing uncertainty in how to approach tapping into the labor market.

OPEX Corporation’s John Sauer addressed these concerns head-on in a presentation on Wednesday. Sauer is the Senior Business Development Manager for OPEX and boasts 8 years of front line material handling management experience. In his presentation, Sauer confirmed some of the biggest issues among employees in warehouses are factors some might consider to be small – such as climate control, physical demands, consistent hours, and work independence. At the end of the day, employees nowadays are looking for more than just a salary – they want to feel some importance and pride in what they do.

In today’s technology-centric environment, these factors can be addressed through strategic implementation of the technology at-hand. By utilizing technology for optimizations in operations and creating an environment that supports a positive work environment for employees, retention and recruitment challenges can be alleviated.

MHI Industry Night

Wednesday concluded with a special networking event featuring comedian and actor Craig Ferguson following the announcement and recognition of leading companies for “Best Innovations” and Young Professional Awards. There were 108 submissions for the awards and only four finalists were selected for each category. Among the winners included:

Best New Innovations:

Fetch Robotics for CartConnect

Locus Robotics for Gamification

Attachments for Forklift Safety Device (FLSD)

CMC srl for Pick2Pack

Best Innovation of an Existing Product:

ProGlove for Mark 2 Smartglove

RightHand Robotics Inc. for RightPick: The Piece Picking Solution

Artitalia Group Inc. for Versatile Nesting Cart

Swisslog Logistics Automation for ItemPiQ

Best IT Innovation:

Yard Management Solutions for Eagle Eye Yard Management Software

LogistiVIEW for Vision Pick and Put Wall

Schaefer Systems for WAMAS Lighthouse

KNAPP Inc. for redPILOT


C.H. Robinson–known as the “Original 3PL”–lives up to its reputation of taking market challenges in stride through predictive and proactive approaches so their customers don’t have to. If there’s a better way to operate, C.H. Robinson is determined to propose a strategy to its customers with their success as the forerunner, eliminating costly mistakes and wasted time. The company boasts an impressive global network of more than 124,000 customers who depend on the expertise of C.H. Robinson to navigate the ever-changing marketplace while providing clear visibility from start to finish. The leading third-party logistics provider offers a full suite of global logistics services and understands the importance of gauging market risks and evaluating the best solutions to continue operations.

“We are constantly trying to keep our ears on the market to know what’s coming and what’s to be expected and how we can navigate those waters,” explains Vince Santinello, Business Development, Ocean Services at C.H. Robinson. “Specifically, in relation to the ocean market, we are looking at how the tariffs themselves are going to impact the market this year. And second, looking at the IMO 2020 and what that overall impact could be.”

While the recent tariff concerns and quickly approaching IMO 2020 regulation spark global concerns for many carriers and customers, C.H. Robinson continues utilizing proactive research to provide cost-effective, strategic solutions for its customer base. The company takes the value of market challenges and evaluates what factors can be modified for a better and more successful future in the ocean market.

“The incremental volume changes that came with the last tariff announcement impacted the ports and when that happened, we talked to our customers about moving forward with port diversification and clear visibility of transit times while looking through their supply chains,” Santinello says. “It’s important for us to understand what’s happened in the past, then we can start putting models together to help move forward.”

IMO 2020 continues making news headlines as industry players consider next steps and potential roadblocks. C.H. Robinson continues leveraging its broad network of carriers and manufacturers, analyzing trends to determine the next best course of action to successfully predict the impact the regulation will have.

“Carriers today don’t know what that financial impact will be,” Santinello concedes. “The difference between high-Sulphur fuels and low-Sulphur fuels right now is an average of $250 more per ton. This will have a cost impact on our customers’ business.

“We’re working to understand how it’s going to impact the bottom line and it all goes back to us looking at alternative routing so we can reduce that overall impact of cost. Additionally, looking at when their cargo is moving and possibly shifting lead times to avoid potential impact as much as possible.”

C.H. Robinson takes its additional services portfolio and carefully evaluates how they can expand it to not only exceed customer needs but to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to innovative, strategic and proactive solutions in an unpredictable market. Instead of limiting customers to traditional approaches, C.H. Robinson employs global alternatives to keep businesses going.

“Port diversification is a major point for us to discuss this year and looking at moving cargo inland via Los Angeles, Canada and the East Coast,” Santinello says. “We see value in utilizing the multiple services C.H. Robinson offers, such as air, ocean and surface transportation, in order to best serve our customers. We’re continuing to look at what other services that we can offer within our network.”

C.H. Robinson takes pride in its unique, innovative and comprehensive technology platform, Navisphere, taking scalable global technology to new depths. The all-in-one solution provides customers with unmatched visibility and accurate data immediately, conserving time and creating efficiencies across the board–from ocean, air and domestic shipments. Not only does this platform provide streamlined operations for C.H. Robinson’s customers, but it directly impacts the level of quality received by the customer’s clients.

“Technology is always going to be a key factor and it’s something that C.H. Robinson has seen for years,” Santinello says. “We continue to invest in our own platform because at the end of the day, it’s about visibility, it’s about accurate data and we can assess that at a moment’s notice.”

Considering day-to-day improvements needed, C.H. Robinson takes proactive measures one step farther with Navisphere as they use past experiences to address current issues while predicting market challenges and potential solutions.

“Real-time visibility through Navisphere allows our customer to see where their freight is at any given moment so they can adjust manufacturing as need-be and due dates for their own customers,” Santinello says. “Once we have an accurate depiction of what real market transit times are, we can assess what other issues might be present and address those further upstream.”

Vince Santinello joined C.H. Robinson in 2015. He brings 15+ years of ocean logistics experience. He grew up through the ranks with previous NVOCCs, taking on the responsibilities of negotiating pricing, terms and developing superb ocean carrier relationships. As part of the C.H. Robinson family, Vince is the Ocean Business Development & Route Manager focusing on the Transpacific Eastbound Trade.  He primarily works with all North American branches to help ensure success and collaborates closely with C.H. Robinson’s Carrier Management Team to guarantee the expectations of offices and customers are represented