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  June 8th, 2015 | Written by

“Ask America First” Campaign To Launch At Paris Air Show

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  • The U.S. is the world’ biggest #aerospace and defense #supplier for commercial, military or space business solutions
  • “One Nation. Infinite Possibilities” will be used to promote #Americanequipment, product and service suppliers.
  • Kallman Worldwide Inc. will launch “Ask America First” campaign at Paris Air Show @kallmantweets

At the Paris Air Show, American exhibitors will get an extra boost from a new advertising campaign produced to promote U.S. leadership and innovation to international buyers.

The theme of the campaign is “Ask America First”, and it is being presented by Kallman Worldwide, the longstanding organizer of the U.S. International Pavilion at Paris, to help heighten interest in American equipment, product and service suppliers.

“The United States is the biggest international exhibitor at the Paris Air Show because it is the world’s biggest aerospace and defense supplier, but that’s no guarantee that buyers will look to work with U.S. companies over others,” says Kallman President and CEO, Tom Kallman. “As the organizer of the U.S. presence at Paris for 20 years, we have a responsibility to advocate not only for our exhibitors, but for our nation in this highly competitive global marketplace.”

The call-to-action of the “Ask America First” campaign is for show attendees to visit the 230 exhibitors in the U.S. International Pavilion—first—for commercial, military or space business solutions. The creative is punctuated by the tagline, “One Nation. Infinite Possibilities.” to emphasize the enterprising spirit of the American aerospace and defense industry.