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  October 1st, 2015 | Written by

AS&E Introduces the Next-Generation Multi-View Cargo and Vehicle Screening System

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  • New AS&E detection system integrates Z Backscatter and Forwardscatter technologies.
  • The next-generation Z Portal system also allows for throughput of 400 passenger vehicles or 250 trucks per hour.
  • AS&E's Z Portal system has been sold to customers such as NATO, DoD, CBP, Taiwan Aviation Police, and Abu Dhabi Customs.

American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E), a supplier of X-ray detection solutions, has introduced a next-generation Z Portal system.

The drive-through vehicle and cargo inspection system that uses multiple detection technologies to provide six views of scanned vehicles and cargo. The new Z Portal system incorporates AS&E’s latest source and detector innovations in a more compact design, enabling improved image quality along with higher throughput, even in space-constrained locations.

“The integration of dual-energy transmission with our proven Z Backscatter and Forwardscatter technologies in the next generation Z Portal system is another example of our commitment to innovation to solve customers’ real-world inspection challenges,” said Chuck Dougherty, AS&E’s president and CEO. “This multi-technology solution delivers even greater visibility into scanned objects at higher scan speeds and in a smaller footprint, giving our customers the most comprehensive detection in a single, drive-through platform.”

Z Portal system enhancements include enhanced detection capability. A unique combination of technologies provides superior material discrimination while highlighting organic and metallic anomalies.

The next-generation Z Portal system also allows for increased vehicle speeds of up to 12.4 mph and high-throughput screening of up to 400 passenger vehicles or 250 trucks per hour.

AS&E’s newly redesigned system fits into existing traffic lanes and easily integrates into diverse sites. A wide array of optional features and operating concepts allows for adaptation to each customer’s unique workflow and security requirements.

The next-generation Z Portal builds on the success of AS&E’s Z Portal system, currently in operation at ports, borders, airports, and high-threat facilities worldwide. With over 100 systems sold to customers such as NATO, the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Taiwan Aviation Police, and Abu Dhabi Customs, the Z Portal system supports vital security and customs missions by assisting in countless seizures of drugs, contraband, weapons, and stowaways.