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  October 10th, 2022 | Written by

ALL-IN – ECS Group Covers Every aspect of Air Cargo Management

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ALL-IN is one of the ten Abilities that form ECS Group’s Augmented GSA concept. It offers the most comprehensive air cargo management solution in the industry.

 “The all-encompassing cargo management solution” is the tagline given to ECS Group’s ALL-IN product, one of the ten Abilities forming its unique Augmented GSA concept. With it unique, all-inclusive palette of Sales, Marketing, Revenue Optimization, Network Operations, Quality, Safety, and Security Management, Interline Management, Claim Handling, and even Charter Operations on offer, ECS Group delivers consistently high-level management services to cargo carriers, wherever they are required.

A dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) acts as a single point of contact between the airline and ECS Group, and steers the detailed transition to ALL-IN. Over a period of two to six weeks, depending on the complexity and scope of the operations selected by the carrier, the KAM coordinates the internal steps with the eight-strong ALL-IN team based mainly in Frankfurt, Germany, and ECS Group’s commercial, digital, and legal departments. The KAM oversees the set-up of a dedicated local office, where required, and arranges part-time or full-time airline representation, accordingly. ALL-IN offices currently exist in Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Moldova.

Following the successful transition to ALL-IN, the KAM remains the airline’s single point of contact on a daily basis, coordinating regular meetings and performance reviews with the carrier to ensure customer satisfaction, and to continue to develop and expand the airline’s business.

About ECS Group

ECS Group is the world leader in GSSA business, serving airlines. Representing hundreds of companies in over 50 countries through its 167 offices, ECS Group knows it can count on its 1,200+ employees around the world to offer high-quality service tailored to each of its partners. Thanks to this ever-increasing network, in 2021 ECS Group carried over 1,200,000 tons on behalf of the airlines it represents and, in this way, contributes to their growth and development on the international stage in the air cargo sector. ECS Group has received many awards from its peers and is the favored partner and go-to GSSA in the cargo industry.