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  April 25th, 2018 | Written by

Aligning All Shipping Contracts in One Place

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  • Los Angeles startup provides cloud-based international supply chain platform.
  • Company added new functionality to existing rates management feature.
  • Shippabo calls itself an Expedia for global freight shipping.

Shippabo has announced a new feature in time for contract season which allows for Shipment Ease and Transparency Resolved with Cloud-Based Solution, Shippabo, Expedia for Shipments.

The Los Angeles-based startup, a cloud-based international supply chain platform has recently added a new functionality to their existing rates management feature.

Enterprise customers can import and manage their own contracts within Shippabo. SMBs can easily use Shippabo’s pre-existing contracts through its curated network. Shippabo’s contract management seamlessly aligns with how a business ships, regardless of how much you’re shipping. Access Shippabo’s curated network for pre-existing contracts with competitive rates or integrate your own contracts. The platform has discovered a method for users to compare quotes, book shipments and track freight, as well as buy bonds, clear customs and more — in other words, an Expedia for global freight shipping.

No more issues with packages being stuck at customs. Get your package where it needs to be on time and track it in live time, step-by-step, with Shippabo, retrieving the best possible price available for your business.

Customers can tailor shipments based on business needs and goals. The features include:

Explore instant rates. The Shippabo Rate Explorer pulls up instant rates from a curated network of carriers. If you ship 300+ containers a year, you can also integrate and view your own contract rates against the Shippabo networks.

Integrate your own contracts. Shippabo’s curated carrier networks allows customers to ship competitively. If your business imports over 300 containers each year, you can now integrate your own contracts into the Shippabo platform. Choose from open or contracted rates. If you have a contract, you are locked in to a rate and a committed level of shipping, but otherwise you can book with any shipping company or company/agent that contacts, aggregates and sells shipping container space on ships and may be offering a better rate at any given time then the rate you already contracted. Some large enterprises have many different contracts and are always trying to optimize their rates.

Transition directly to booking. Once you’ve decided on the contract that works best for your business, seamlessly move from the rate explorer into booking.

Shippabo has been managing contracts for clients such as Bassett, Loot Crate, Flooret for some time now. The enhanced rate explorer will allow enterprise to benchmark their contract rates with those in the spot market and allow SMBs to find rates via a curated network, providing stability and flexibility as well as buying power and ability to quickly assess contract competitiveness and allocate containers between multiple contracts as well as between contract and the spot market.