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  March 30th, 2017 | Written by

AAPA Announces Second Annual Ports Day

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  • AAPA will celebrate Western Hemisphere Ports Day on April 4.
  • Ports support jobs creation of the nations they serve.
  • Ports Day is to remind policymakers about the role ports play in linking nations to the global economy.

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) will celebrate Western Hemisphere Ports Day on Tuesday, April 4. The association will recognize the industry’s role in supporting job creation and propelling the economies of the nations they serve across the Americas.

According to IHS Inc. World Trade Service, combined international sea trade moving through Western Hemisphere ports in 2015 totaled 3.45 billion metric tons in volume and $3.36 trillion in value. Of that total, ports in Central and South America handled 1.69 billion metric tons of cargo valued at $1.15 trillion, while North American ports handled 1.76 billion metric tons of goods, valued at $2.21 trillion. In its National Economic Impact of the US Coastal Port System, released in March 2015, Martin Associates found that, in the U.S. alone, ports’ contribution to the national economy reached nearly $4.6 trillion in 2014.

“Ports Day is part of an ongoing commitment to remind our policymakers, policy influencers and the public about the important role ports play in facilitating the movement of trade and linking their nations to the global economy,” said Kurt Nagle, AAPA’s president and CEO. “Seaports of the Western Hemisphere are jobs creators and economic stimulators that deliver prosperity around the globe.

But, Nagle added, it’s important to reflect on the needs of the industry and make plans today to address the infrastructure enhancements of tomorrow. “It’s critical that wise investments are made to our transportation infrastructure to ensure that our industry can continue to make a valuable contribution to the economy,” he said. “We’re proud to recognize the contributions of our member ports as we celebrate Western Hemisphere Ports Day. In support of workers, farmers, employers, manufacturers and consumers everywhere, our ports are united in planning for the future, creating jobs and propelling the economy.”