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  September 14th, 2018 | Written by

AAPA announces 2018 port industry recognition program winners

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  • AAPA’s 2018 IT award winner for port operations and management systems is the Halifax Port Authority.
  • AAPA’s environmental awards have recognized activities that benefit port environments since 1973.
  • The Port of Hueneme won AAPA’s comprehensive environmental program award.

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) has announced the winning entries into its 2018 Environmental Improvement and Information Technology awards competitions.

Winners were honored at AAPA’s 2018 Energy and Environment Seminar in Jersey, City, New Jersey, on September 12. The winner of the 2018 information technology awards program will be honored at AAPA’s information technology committee meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on September 26.

AAPA’s information technology awards program, which began in 2002, highlights port technology accomplishments in the areas of Port Operations and Management Systems and in Improvements in Intermodal Freight Transportation.  This year’s IT awards program winner in the port operations and management systems category is the Halifax Port Authority for its submission, “Port Operations Center.”

Since 1973, AAPA’s environmental improvement awards program has recognized activities which benefit the environment at its member ports. This year’s awards program had winners in all four project entry categories: environmental enhancement; mitigation; comprehensive environmental management; and stakeholder education, awareness, and involvement.

The winner in the 2018 environmental improvement awards’ environmental enhancement category is the Port of San Diego for its entry, “Threatened and Endangered Species Stewardship Program.” This year’s mitigation category winner also goes to the Port of San Diego for its successful “Marine Debris Removal Project.”  Another Southern California port authority, the Port of Hueneme, is this year’s comprehensive environmental program category winner for its entry, “Environmental Certification.” Garnering its third 2018 Environmental Improvement competition award, this time in the Stakeholder Education, Awareness and Involvement category, is again the Port of San Diego, for its entry, “Environmental Education Program.”

“We appreciate every entrant and congratulate every winner in this year’s AAPA awards programs for investing the time to prepare their entries, get peer review from the judges, share their work, and highlight best practices and lessons learned in their respective competitions,” said Kurt Nagle, AAPA president and CEO. “When port authorities work with their many stakeholders, including their communities, business leaders and policymakers, to develop projects like the ones entered into these competitions, they’re better able to demonstrate their tremendous value as drivers of economic development, environmental enhancement and job creation.”

The award-winning entries in both the 2018 environmental improvement and information technology competitions, together with the 25 ports that submitted successful entries in AAPA’s 2018 communications awards program (announced in June), are posted on the AAPA website.