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A recent study conducted by Sedex, a prominent provider of supply chain sustainability solutions, sheds light on a concerning trend among procurement leaders in North America:


In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today’s business world, drawing inspiration from unexpected sources can pave the way for success. 
Kyle Patel, founder, and CEO of

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Haelixa, a leading provider of physical traceability solutions, is pleased to announce strategic appointments aimed at fueling innovation and accelerating growth in the supply chain industry.


As a firm that puts a professional in a job every three minutes of the workday, Korn Ferry continuously tracks what organizations are looking for in


Mark W. Barker, George Pasha IV, and Adam Vokac were recently recognized at the 54th annual Admiral of the Ocean Sea (AOTOS) Awards hosted by the

chain global failure friedman footprint relationship chinese registrar supply analytics life

Leading through change is one of the biggest challenges any leader can face. It takes vision, planning, and patience. Risks are high and uncertainty abounds. Momentum

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The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), the leading industry developer of pre-shipment performance testing standards for packaged products, today announced programming for its European Packaging Symposium, which

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In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, standing out from the crowd and establishing a strong brand presence is crucial for long-term success. One effective

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Visionary leadership creates empowered teams and encourages innovation and engagement. As an executive, how you lead your team sets the tone for other leaders, offering a


Gunjan Sinha, a junior at Rutgers Business School, was recently honored with the annual Gebrüder Weiss Supply Chain Leadership Scholarship. Gunjan is a Supply Chain Management