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People looking to optimize their procurement processes sometimes turn to artificial intelligence (AI). This option is not yet widespread, but it’s becoming more common, especially as

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Intelligent automation (IA) is a relatively new trend that combines two technologies. Intelligent automation in the logistics industry is still in its early stages. Still, people

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Cybersecurity is a rising threat across all industries. Trucking may not seem like the most technologically advanced sector, so many truckers may feel like cybercrime isn’t

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Shipping items by air is not the least expensive option. Still, air freight popularity has recently been rising because company representatives realize it’s sometimes the most

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Electric forklifts are taking over the warehousing industry. Benefits include longer life spans, fewer emissions and inexpensive repair costs, so it’s no surprise that many warehouses

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More than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic first disrupted the global supply chain, businesses around the world continue to feel the effects of supply chain


Emily Newton is an industrial journalist. As Editor-in-Chief of Revolutionized, she regularly covers how technology is changing the industry.
Growing urbanization and rising levels of urban migration

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Industry 4.0 technology can help to make cold chain logistics much easier to manage. Internet of things (IoT) devices are already used in a wide range

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There’s a growing interest in Supply Chain 4.0 technology, especially as logistics professionals cope with stock shortages, port delays, and other challenges. Advanced tech can boost

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Transportation accounts for around one-fifth of global carbon emissions, with road freight being one of the largest contributors.
As a result — and as sustainability becomes more