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  April 29th, 2022 | Written by

9 Tips to Ship a Diamond Bracelet Safely

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Do you plan on sending your loved one a gift for the holiday? Maybe you need to send it to a client. Diamond bracelets are great choices. They are elegant, luxurious, and versatile. While they may be a lot of fun, shipping the bracelets can be complicated. 

Here are a few ways to safely ship your diamond bracelet. 

  1. Photograph Your Bracelet

Start by taking a photo of your diamond bracelet. Knowing how it looks before shipping could help you know if it is damaged. It also gives you photographic evidence of your shipment. In the unfortunate event that your bracelet is misplaced during shipping, the photo can help you find it. 

2. Bag Your Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds may be forever, but packing them incorrectly could damage them. Your tennis bracelet may be costly, but it is very fragile. Here are a few tips for packing all kinds of diamond bracelets:

  • Pack your bracelet in a spacious but compact box or pouch. It should be big enough to hold your bracelet but small enough that it doesn’t take up much space. Travel jewelry boxes are ideal for larger pieces.
  • Use a pouch or travel box with internal hooks if your bracelet is long.
  • Put the bracelet inside a plastic bag before putting it in the jewelry box for extra protection. 

3. Wrap Your Pouch or Box Securely

Wrap your pouch or box securely before shipping. Use protective foam, tissue, or other packaging material to fit the bracelet securely into your shipping box. Jewelry pouches need to be placed in heavy-duty shipping envelopes or small boxes. Wrap them securely before they go into the final shipping box. 

Try to avoid weighing your package down, as packaging costs can add up pretty fast. Use just enough packaging material to protect your jewelry. 

When the little box is snugly fitted into the bigger one, it is time to seal it with heavy-duty packaging tape. Avoid labeling your box as ‘valuable’ or ‘fragile’ lest it becomes a target for foul play. 

4. Seal With Water-Activated Tape

Using water-activated tape to seal your cartons will seal your package firmly. In addition, it can protect your bracelet from damage. The tape forms a physical bond with the surface of the carton, ensuring that the only way to access your bracelet is by cutting off the tape. 

This tape discourages press-and-grab thefts. Pushing on the flaps of the carton does nothing. It doesn’t help the thief open the carton. 

5. Insure It

No matter how safe you think your diamond bracelet may be, risk management is always a good idea. Get shipping insurance for the bracelet to avoid financial losses should anything go wrong. The piece of jewelry is expensive, and replacing it can put a massive dent in your budget. 

Use a delivery option that allows tracking. It should require that the recipient signs upon delivery. There should be no way for onlookers to identify what is inside. Contact the recipient of the bracelet upon delivery. 

6. Use Free Shipping Software to Save Money

Consider using online shipping software to buy labels. This trick will help you save a lot of money. The best free shipping softwares sell labels at amazing discounts. They are known as Commercial Pricing rates.

USPS reserves the discounts for big shippers that send out at least 50,000 packages every year. However, with free shipping software, you can get the discounts with minimal trouble. You can save up to half of what you would pay at the Post Office. 

Another benefit of using the software is that you can print labels from wherever you are. You even have the option of scheduling free pickups by your letter carrier. You get the chance to run your business contactless. 

7. Choose the Right Shipper

Whether you are an individual or business, choosing the right shipper could make things easy for you. The biggest ones include FedEx, UPS, Brinks, and the USPS. However, plenty of smaller couriers may also be reliable. 

Your choice depends on whether you will be shipping domestically or internationally. You also need to consider the level of security that different shippers impose. Your shipper should be able to:

  • Provide a signed receipt as soon as the recipient gets the bracelet
  • Give you sufficient insurance coverage for lost, damaged, or delayed shipments.

8. Track Your Package

Tracking your package gives you some control over the shipping process. It is a safety net since you get to see where your package is and when it has arrived. If there are any issues, you can contact the carrier and let them know that the package arrived at a certain location on a certain day. 

That way it is easy to look for your package should it go missing. If you cannot track your package, you have no control over the process. If the package goes missing, finding it could be nearly impossible.  

9. Add a Thank You Card

Don’t use a branded box to ship out your diamond bracelet. It lets everyone know what your shipment contains and could set you up for theft. Instead, use a thank-you card to pass your message across. Custom tissue paper is perfect for creating an unboxing experience. Discretion promotes safety, and your customers will love it. 


Shipping diamond bracelets safely is a matter of common sense and research. While you may be excited about your shipment, other people don’t need to know about it. Use discreet packaging and avoid labeling your shipment as ‘fragile.’ The less attention you draw to your package, the better. 

Work with a reliable shipping company and track your shipment from the time you ship it until it gets to the recipient. That way, if problems arise, you know where to look.  Free shipping software is reliable and can help you save money. 

Get the appropriate shipping insurance to protect yourself from financial losses should anything go wrong. You don’t want to be stuck with the cost of replacing the bracelet if it is damaged or lost when shipping.