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  February 5th, 2023 | Written by

8fig Launches “Freight with 8fig” to Bring Competitive Freight Rates to Ecommerce Sellers  

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The new offering from 8fig provides ecommerce businesses with a complete freight solution at favorable rates and repayment terms

8fig, the funding and supply chain management platform for ecommerce businesses, has announced the launch of Freight with 8fig. The latest addition enables online sellers to manage their entire freight cycle from within the platform and benefit from competitive freight rates and repayment terms.

8fig provides optimized funding for ecommerce businesses based on a comprehensive planning platform for supply chains, marketing, and sales. The funds are disbursed incrementally according to each business’s needs to maintain the necessary cash flow for scaling.

Now, with Freight with 8fig, ecommerce sellers can benefit from a streamlined process of requesting and receiving quotes.

The launch of Freight with 8fig concludes a year of stellar growth for the company, which saw its user count soar by 440% and its number of applications grow by 2515% over the course of 2022.

For small-to-medium online retailers, it can take months or even years to build the payment history and trusted relationships needed for freight providers to agree to 60 and 90 day repayment terms and competitive freight rates. Freight with 8fig opens the door for independent sellers to benefit from such rates and terms from day one, and to pay directly using 8fig funds.

Like 8fig’s mobile app and Sales Dashboard, a free management tool that analyzes sales metrics to identify sales trends, track revenue figures, and benchmark against similar sellers – all in a single location – Freight with 8fig is now widely accessible to the ecommerce community selling in the US.

8fig continues to work on expanding its offering, with more features on the horizon that aim to help sellers manage their back office logistics and operations, including white-glove freight services and additional store analytics tools. Its goal, aside from bringing ecommerce sellers to 8-figure revenues, is to become a one-stop shop for ecommerce business management.

About 8fig

8fig is an ecommerce funding and planning platform that aligns continuous, adaptable capital to supply chain demands. Their innovative planning and funding technology was built by payment processing and supply chain risk management experts Yaron Shapira, Assaf Dagan, and Roei Yellin. 8fig offers growth plans combined with low-cost capital, sales forecasts, unit economics, and profit breakdowns for ecommerce brands to uncap growth and eliminate the cash flow crunch. The company has offices in Tel Aviv and Austin, Texas. For more information, visit