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Emerging Trends in Logistics

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  • Companies are looking for clever ways to reduce supply chain waste.
  • Involving marketing and sales in supply chain planning helps them understand product and customer demand cycles.
  • Infographic outlines the role of emerging logistics trends.

The future of logistics is paved with technology and innovation. In 2016, lots of businesses are looking for clever ways to reduce supply chain waste and innovate the industry as a whole.

Many critics have highlighted that the size of the logistics industry needs to constantly grow to become stronger in the long run. Shippers and logistics providers are now able to find simple yet effective ways to manage their schedule requirements in an enhanced and superior way. Examples include building slow-steaming into overseas shipment planning. 3D printing, UAVs, driverless vehicles, and the Internet of Things play a significant role in the emerging trends in logistics.

Involving marketing and sales staff members in supply chain planning helps them to understand product and customer demand cycles.

The infographic below, created by 2 Flow, outlines the role of these emerging trends and why they must be implemented moving into the digital future. The infographic indicates that over the coming years, several trends will transform logistics operations, particularly in emerging markets. The statistics used within the infographic are based on research carried out by 3PL Selection and Contracting Survey conducted by EFT.


Robert Memery os operations manager at 2 Flow. 2 Flow enables customers to outsource storage, order processing, stock management, and distribution requirements to a specialist – leaving them to focus on what they are good at – sourcing, producing, marketing and selling their products.

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