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  January 4th, 2021 | Written by

7 Tips & Ideas to Start a Small Scale Manufacturing Business

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  • Small scale business offers numerous opportunities for people to help others and to make the world more convenient.
  • At this moment, the COVID-19 pandemic modifies the ways to run any kind of business.

The 21 century makes it possible for everyone to launch his or her own business, as most of us have access to such efficient tools as blogs, social media, etc. At this moment, the COVID-19 pandemic modifies the ways to run any kind of business.

However, it is still possible to start something new, and by following some approaches, you will do it safely, minimizing any risks, and getting the most out of your concepts. We are here to help you find these profitable ways and share some effective tips on starting any business.

Let us begin with the most interesting business ideas that can provide you not only with material well-being, but also bring joy and even unlock your creative potential.

Candle Making

Regardless of common preconceptions, winter is not the only sales season for candles. Today, it has become both an essential attribute for house coziness and an integral part of some practices.

Meditation and yoga are quite widespread activities, and many practitioners cannot imagine the process without a bewitching and relaxing scent filling the space around. But also the daily environment requires to be in line with the mood, whether dreamy and chill or refreshing and productive.

Tip: Imagine your target audience and try to foresee their expectations from your candles: where they could use it, what they want to feel while inhaling the scent, etc. This will help you improve their design and also write more attractive product descriptions.

Candle manufacturing is one of the best choices for your first small scale business because you need only basic tools and materials that do not cost much, and the process itself is easy and fast to master.

Bakery & Confectionery Products

If you enjoy cooking, you have a nice opportunity to transform the hobby into a source of income. No doubt, in this case, you will have a huge customer base. People need some special, unique, and delicious sweets on any occasion in their lives.

It is a space for your creativity, which you can use to create feels-like-home treats, wedding cakes, bread with unusual tastes, cupcakes and cookies, pies, gluten-free bakery, organic, vegan, healthy, or fitness-sweets, and other splendid products.

Tip: With such a wide spectrum of possible niches, it is important to focus on a few main directions and follow them to become a professional there. People tend to trust rather highly specialized producers than “Jacks of all trades”.

Depending on the budget, you can open your small bakery or make everything at home. With social media, it is absolutely possible to create a proper and flourishing business within the four walls.


Jewelry has become an extremely popular choice for starting a small-scale business. But it does not mean you have no chance to enter this market successfully. With a quite complex structure, this branch is still affordable and promising.

Again, you can choose an appropriate niche relying on your budget. If you can find suppliers and can afford precious and semi-precious gems and stones, you can go for fine jewelry. Otherwise, you can still find your place in this business, creating either trendy everyday pieces or unique niche jewelry shifting the emphasis on a design – both options from inexpensive materials.

Tip: Jewelry is all about aesthetics, so make sure you develop an eye-catching design for the brand, a unique voice that could tell the potential customers about your pieces.

Ceramic Ware

Pottery can become not only your business idea but also a great kind of entertainment. It is fun and often unpredictable, and the feeling of soft flowing clay is immensely satisfying. Pottery is one of the oldest trades in human history. Nevertheless, it is still a tool that you can use to embody your creativity and personal uniqueness.

To realize your projects, you need to have a number of materials and equipment, such as pottery wheels and kiln, different clays, sculpting and trimming tools, glazes, etc. Make sure you have enough space to store these things and work with them.

Tip: Take into account that unlike other types of manufacturing, pottery requires a number of special tools and devices. Make sure you plan your budget first and buy quality equipment.

If you do not want to dive into ceramic ware, you can always go for clay sculptures, souvenirs, and other little stuff that people buy for gifts and home decor!

Makeup Products

Cosmetics is a quite saturated market that always welcomes newcomers, though. On a low budget, you will unlikely create exquisite makeup or care products, but you can always turn to traditions and inexpensive natural ingredients.

As always, it is better to choose one niche and then grow to new products, if you want. Hair products, lip balms, scrabs, creams – the world of cosmetics has a wide range of possible ways for growth!

Tip: Whatever niche of cosmetic products you choose, you need to be a guru of the process, as low quality here can possibly lead even to severe health problems.


Shoemaking can easily become a business that is oriented at global concepts: sustainable development, veganism, minimalism, etc. However, it could also be a design resolution that you can use to express creativity.

Choose your target audience and create footwear for daily needs or for those who love to wear fancy things.

Tip: Prototype development is an essential part of the shoemaking process before the final production. At this stage, you can improve your model and see the mistakes you have made before.

Furniture Manufacturing

If you have an inclination for this trade, you will enjoy launching a furniture business. Here you face the same challenges and essential decisions: target audience, aim, and design.

Regardless of what furniture you want to make and which needs to meet, it is a low-budget decision for a small scale manufacturing business. Not only you can create brand-new pieces, but also offer repair and restoration services.

Tip: Make sure the pictures of your pieces are quality and the descriptions contain all the important information, such as size, materials, care and maintenance, etc.

Final Thoughts

Small scale business offers numerous opportunities for people to help others and to make the world more beautiful and convenient. You have the chance to become a part of this process, and you do not need much to start.

After you launch the business, it is essential to maintain its profitability by promoting your brand. To do so, you can start blogging, submit guest posts on business blogs, and use social media marketing.

Right now, you have everything you need to embody your amazing ideas and make life a better place. So rally your force and turn over a new leaf!


Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at an online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, IT and marketing.