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Innovation has gone from something reserved for start-ups to a must-have for supply chains looking to adjust to digitalization and disruption. A perfect storm of huge technological advancement coupled with changing consumer habits means that all organizations within the industry will need to adapt in 2018.

The following is based on data from 2017 research and reports by eft (eye for transport), a global leader in business intelligence, and the 2018 Third Party Logistics Study.

Are supply chains succeeding at innovation?

We asked three industry experts: What does innovation mean to you?




The rise of digitalization has brought huge change to our industry this year–and in 2018 transformation and innovation will be vital to survive. Organizations must ensure they have a robust strategy in place to stay competitive.

Industry Expertise:


Building on 2017’s momentum, robotic automation is tipped to become one of the most revolutionary technologies for supply chain as companies work out how to implement, integrate and define ROI expectations. Where and how robotics are being utilized is fundamental to increasing operational efficiency.


Blockchain–distributed ledger technology—has been widely discussed for years for its disruptive potential of the supply chain. In 2017, the technology started to gain traction. Moving forward, it will allow organizations to add greater visibility and efficiency across the entire supply chain to deliver higher value to customers and trading relationships.

(Data interchange is the area with the greatest potential for disruption.)

Industry expertise:


Consumer demands, alongside the rise of eCommerce, are opening the doors to new and exciting opportunities for innovation—for 3PLs, their partners and their customers, too. Inventory challenges and the last mile are the key 2017 trends set to move into 2018.

Haley Garner is the head of Research with eft (eye for transport), the global leader in business intelligence and C-level networking for the transport, logistics and supply chain industry. Reach him at (800) 814-3459, ext. 7249 or via email at