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  November 3rd, 2014 | Written by

America’s Best Cities For Global Trade

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Supply-chain space is in demand, and that’s no surprise given the momentum of America’s exporters. Consider: As of 2013, U.S. exports reached an annual all-time high for the fourth consecutive year; in 2012, 29 states set new records for exports; 16 states achieved record exports in 2013.

And as exports grow, so do exporters. The site-selection process naturally follows, as these companies look for strategic locations from which to grow their global reach. We want to help.

Our third annual “Best Cities for Global Trade” report offers 10 needs-oriented and relevant categories and looks at 10 cities in each that you should consider. It is not meant to be definitive. You’ll notice New York City is nowhere to be found, yet who on this side of sanity would argue the Big Apple is not one of the top cities in the world for business? Its omission is not meant as a snub, we simply didn’t feel it was so strong in any single category that it should be included at the expense of a lesser-recognized city working hard to boost its economy.

Think of this as a collection of helpful tips. We think you should consider these cities when looking, for instance, for a great business environment, a well-educated or skilled workforce, a globally minded city or assistance with your site-selection process.

Read, enjoy, then pick up the phone and see what these 100 cities can offer your company.

Click each category below for further details!

Amarillo, Texas
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Decatur/Macon, Illinois
Devens, Massachusetts
Elk Grove, Illinois
Hesperia, California
La Junta, Colorado
San Bernardino, California
Village of Huntley, Illinois
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Birmingham, Alabama
Boston, Massachusetts
Detroit, Michigan
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Norfolk, Virginia
Raleigh, North Carolina
Salt Lake City, Utah
St. Paul, Minnesota
Sugar Land, Texas

Bozeman, Montana
Flagstaff, Arizona
Knoxville, Tennessee
Little Rock, Arksansas
Odessa, Texas
Sacramento, California
San Diego, California
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Windsor, Connecticut
Youngstown, Ohio

Beaverton, Oregon
Brownsville, Texas
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Frankfort, Kentucky
Newark, New Jersey
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
San Antonio, Texas
Topeka, Kansas
Tucson, Arizona
Washington, D.C.

Atlanta, Georgia
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Cleveland, Ohio
El Paso, Texas
Irvine, California
Oakland, California
Tacoma, Washington
Tampa, Florida

Austin, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas
Houston, Texas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Madison, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Portland, Oregon
Reno, Nevada
San Jose, California
Seattle, Washington

Jacksonville, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Louisville, Kentucky
Memphis, Tennessee
Miami, Florida
New Orleans, Louisiana
Orangeburg, South Carolina
Peoria, Illinois
Savannah, Georgia
St. Louis, Missouri

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Baltimore, Maryland
Columbus, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio
Fort Worth, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Marietta, Georgia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Worcester, Massachusetts

Akron, Ohio
Boise, Idaho
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Columbus, Georgia
Denver, Colorado
Dublin, Ohio
Omaha, Nebraska
Riverside, California
Waxahachie, Texas
Westerville, Ohio

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Erie, Colorado
Kansas City, Missouri
Lubbock, Texas
Mobile, Alabama
Orlando, Florida
Port Arthur, Texas
San Francisco, California
Warwick, Rhode Island
Wichita, Kansas