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15 To Watch

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Started Logistics: 2003
Serves: N.America
Revenue: $175 million
Employees: 165

Founded in 2003 as Advantage Freight Network before opting for the shorter, sexier AFN moniker, the company
has been a mover and shaker since the start. Last year we recognized its versatility, but considering its
many accolades—multiple logistics awards, plus a spot on Inc.’s Fastest Growing Company list and Chicago
Tribune’s Top 100 Chicago workplaces—we think this is one 3PL to watch.

Started Logistics: 2006
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $2,000 million
Employees: 1,750

Fresh off a merger with Access America Transport, Coyote Logistics is making many heads turn. Together the companies are worth $2 billion, with 2,000 employees and more than 40,000 contracted carriers. In October last year it appeared on Inc.’s Build 100 business index for increasing its employee base for five consecutive years.

Started Logistics: 2005
Serves: Intl’
Revenue: $884
Employees: 1,297

The “Echo” in this company’s name may be an allusion to the growing applause of its customers and stakeholders. Its 2013 revenue was up 16 percent from the previous year—also banner performance—and its 2014 revenue for the first quarter shows a 21 percent jump year over
year. Need more? Echo has also acquired both Truckload Broker Comcar Logistic and One Stop Logistics, Inc. so far this year.

Started Logistics: 1981
Serves: Atlanta,
Charlotte, Savannah
Warehouses: 3
Sq. Ft.: 800,000

Even with 33 years of experience under its belt, HWC continues to expand upon its already impressive resume. All at once, HWC has added a new TMS from Crown Data Systems, completed a $2 million acquisition of 20 new Freightliner and Mack sleepers and day cabs, while still finding the ability to participate and excel in “green campaigns.”

Started Logistics: 2000
Serves: Intl’
HQ: Hong Kong
Revenue: $2,575
Employees: 19,000
Warehouses: 800
Sq. Ft.: 39 million

This Hong Kong-based 3PL is a leader for all of Asia, providing logistics services for some of the top brands in the fashion, electronics and food and beverage industries, among others. In December, Kerry went public on the Hong Kong Exchange, so investors were probably thrilled with it announced in March that 2013 net profits were up 8.7 percent from the previous year.

Started Logistics: 1996
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $30 million
Employees: 250
Warehouses: 3
Sq. Ft.: 0.75 million

MD Logistics is always expanding at the pace of its customers’ needs. Serving clients in life sciences, pharmaceutical and retail, it’s the company’s ability to adapt to the increasing needs of its clients that led us to pick MD as a Leading 3PL for small and midsize companies in last
year’s report. Need to make sure your supply always meets demand? Keep an eye on MD logistics.

Started Logistics: 1998
Serves: Intl’
HQ: France
Revenue: $2,782
Employees: 24,320
Warehouses: 281
Sq. Ft.: 84 million

The past decade has been busy for this France-based 3PL, launched as a transport company between its home country and the U.K. It is growing rapidly through acquisition, including Europe’s Christian Salvesen in 2007 and TDG in 2011, Sri Lanka’s John Keels Group and China’s APC Beijing International, among many others.

Started Logistics: 1993
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $210 million
Employees: 850
Warehouses: 27
Sq. Ft.: 1.5 million

It’s been a busy 20 years for ProTrans. Founded in 1993, it established ProTrans de Mexico in 1999, added international integrated services as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) in 2005 and logistics management in 2006. Over the past few years, the company
has expanded into a new office in metropolitan Detroit and opened several new facilities in Mexico.

Started Logistics: 1976
Serves: Global
Revenue: $609 million
Employees: 2,100
Warehouses 120
Sq. Ft.: 4 million

A top retail logistics provider that’s growing in the U.K., SEKO’s customers benefit from a wide range of services such as fashion logistics, direct to customer, retail expansion and product launch. Exceptional customer service is a constant; Rock Beauty’s Neil Jerzak says he considers SEKO “a partner to our business” because “they see our plans for growth and are willing to invest a lot of time in our work together.”

Started Logistics: 1982
Serves: Southeast, US
Employees: 200
Warehouses: 10
Sq. Ft.: 2 million

Launched in 1982, Sunland has grown to be one of the largest 3PLs in the Southeast and has increased is safety rating each of the past four years. The company provides warehouse and distribution services, logistics management and even temporary staffing, and primarily serves the chemicals, food products and automotive industries.

Started Logistics: 2011
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $75 million
Employees: 125

Founded in 2011, Syfan Logistics helps clients shave as much as 10 percent off of their logistics spend. That’s a skill developed not over the past four years, but the past 40 by company CEO Jim Syfan. His first company, Turbo Transport, sold for $100 million in the mid 2000s, and he’s brought his expertise to Syfan Logistics, with its own assets, a growing staff and a bright future.

Started Logistics: 2010
Serves: Global
Revenue: $300 million
Employees: 35
Warehouses: 26
Sq. Ft.: 48,000

After six years as a division of a larger 3PL, in 2010 TOC Logistics International split out on its own when it was purchased by President and CEO Gary Cardenas, a 30-year veteran of the logistics industry. The company is growing quickly and says it is a full-fledged NVOCC and independent air carrier.

Started Logistics: 1989
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $2,000 million
Employees: 3,058

XPO’s growth strategy could be symbolized by a shopping cart. The company is establishing itself by buying established companies, such as Pacer International, the third-largest provider of intermodal transportation services in the U.S.; NLM, the nation’s largest web-based expeditor; 3PD, the largest provider of final-mile services; and several others.

Started Logistics: 2001
Serves: N. America
Revenue: $467M
Employees: 1,950
Warehouses: 43
Sq. Ft.: 6.00

UTSI recently announced that its CEO Scott Wolfe will be retiring at the end of 2014, to be succeeded by Jeff Rogers, the former president of YRC Freight. He’ll take the reigns of a busy company, one that—either itself or through subsidiaries—has acquired nearly a dozen companies since it purchased Great American back in 2004.

Started Logistics: 1955
Serves: Global
HQ: Japan
Revenue: $4,042
Employees: 19,000
Warehouses: 469
Sq. Ft.: 21.60 million

Blink and you might miss a new service, expansion or facility added to Yusen’s huge worldwide presence. Just this year it has launched a cross-border trucking service for Indochina, expanded automotive operations in Russia, added to is U.S-Mexico cross-border services and added refrigerated LTL to that cross-border Indochina service we told you about. … Those are just the highlights.