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Manufacturing Culture

Tips on Creating an Innovative Work Environment


  • Understand the complexities that come with implementing technology solutions and how it impacts workers and operations.
  • "Keep it Simple Stupid" when approaching management techniques.
  • Expressing appreciation and gratitude to all workers can recreate the overall  culture a company provides.

You’re looking to expand the worker population within your company, but need to identify what makes people want to work for you and why current employees stay. The key differentiator presents itself through a dynamic company culture, taking away the rigidity sometimes associated within the manufacturing and trade industries.

“According to a recent Gallup survey, the State of the American Workplace, workers at manufacturing companies are the least engaged in their work — a full 8 percentage points behind all other industry sectors,” (EIN).

Formaspace provides some tips focusing on how to bring out the best in your company to yield not only longevity with workers, but how to draw in some of the best workers that provide valuable ethics, skills and leadership to the company mission

Below are seven key recommendations to creating the perfect culture:

-Keep it seamless, organized and efficient, in other words, “Keep it Simple Stupid” when approaching management techniques. Don’t over complicate operations, focus on the bigger picture.

-Focus on the attitude. When workers believe they bring value to the company, motivation sets in rather than complacency and digression, bringing a sense of pride and “can-do” to any task.

-Create and communicate ways for job advancement, education and training for employees. Don’t wait for them to ask, be proactive and demonstrate forward-thinking goals for workers and align them with their skills.

-Understand the complexities that come with implementing technology solutions. Developers and manufacturers have different skill sets, consider this as you on-board a new digital solution and plan accordingly.

-Communication is key. This is a no-brainer, but surprisingly enough many employees still find themselves in unclear situations and are left to assume. By proving an open line of communication and putting in your due diligence to keep workers informed, mishaps and unhappy worker attitudes are reduced significantly.

-Keep employee wellness, safety and security a priority, not a fire drill or “extra” that is rarely discussed. Understanding the physical impacts the mental can make or break the quality of work employees provide. These are humans, not robots.

-Respect should be the standard. Be an example and demonstrate how this should look. Expressing appreciation and gratitude to all workers can recreate the overall  culture a company provides. This makes for workers that feel valued and important, regardless of their differences.

Source: Formaspace


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