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February 21st, 2017

Chinese Anti-Dumping Cases: Questions and Answers

Global Trade recently spoke to Dharmendra N. Choudhary, a well-known anti-dumping lawyer in Washington DC, and a surrogate value expert. Please explain the concept of surrogate value and how it is relevant in US anti-dumping proceedings on Chinese goods. In anti-dumping proceedings, the US Commerce Department treats China as a Non Market Economy. As a… Read More

SS Bluefields sunk during World War II while carrying shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade. Exploring Ocean Shipping Casualty of World War II

The United States had been in World War II for less than a

Logistics companies send shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade to disaster areas. The Logistics of Humanitarian Aid

When a 7.8 Richter-scale earthquake struck Ecuador in mid-April, logistics and supply-chain companies

Gabon's government is ecourafging more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade. Gabon’s Mission: Create Jobs, Train Workers

Gabon’s is an economy dependent upon exports of its rich array natural resources.

Government of Gabon seeks to encourage more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade. Seeking Economic Transformation, Africa’s Gabon Gets Help From Asia

Gabon, a tranquil nation in equatorial Africa rich in natural resources, has set

Want to Be Successful in the Global Marketplace? Do Your Homework

It’s undeniable that the ever-morphing world of global commerce offers a multitude of

U.S. Cuba trade relations. Cuba may be a new export market and the United States may even get imports. Either way it's sure to be an increase in global trade for international businesses and may even alter supply chains.

If pressed to compile a roster of people most vehemently opposed to thawing relations between the U.S. and Cuba, at first glance, you might put near

In most U.S. states employers are free to bind employees with restrictive covenants—which commonly take the form of post-employment restrictions on soliciting clients or employees—as a

The year was 1994, and with NAFTA in effect, Mexico began to enjoy a profusion of growth in its manufacturing sector. This period of prosperity, however,

After nine months of heated labor-contract negotiations, the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) have reportedly come to an agreement—the

The cost of the ongoing labor dispute that has all but paralyzed cargo-handling activity at ports from Seattle to San Diego is starting to show with

With $2 billion and counting in annual sales, Skechers USA Inc. is making fast tracks around

When Liz Claiborne Inc. decided to offload its manufacturing and distribution business to Hong Kong-based Li & Fung Ltd., a Chinese

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