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2017 saw more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
TRADE GROWTH: Substantial risks from rising trade tensions threaten the world economy.

International Cooperation Gets Low Grade

The Report Card on International Cooperation gives a dismal C- to international efforts to mitigate the world’s most pressing problems in 2017, the same grade given for 2016. The Council of Councils—a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) initiative comprising twenty-nine major international policy institutes—surveyed the heads of member think tanks to evaluate the world’s performance on ten transnational challenges of … Read More

In The News

BREAKING NEWS: US to Investigate Auto Imports as National Security Threat

Department of Commerce Initiates Section 232 Proceeding

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross initiated an investigation today under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962… Read More

Where Will a Trade War Be Fought?

US Subsidiaries in China Could be Sitting Ducks

President Trump and his administration often express their concern about trade with China by referring to the size of the… Read More


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Expansions will allow ports to handle more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
UP THEIR GAME: Bayonne Bridge had to be raised to keep mega ships coming to the Port of New York and New Jersey. (Credit: PANYNJ)
Steve Lowery 12:49 AM  4/12/2018


[Editor’s note: The May-June 2018 print version of this story mistakenly identified Gary LaGrange as the Port of New Orleans CEO. Actually, LaGrange resigned from that position in 2016 and currently serves as the Port Association of Louisiana president. Brandy D. Christian has been the Port of New Orleans president and CEO since January 2017. Global Trade regrets the error.] In transportation, everyone knows that bigger is always better; it’s why we have 18-wheelers and jumbo jets. So, it only stands to … Read More

Trump has imposed tariffs on Chinese shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
Steve Lowery 12:04 AM  4/11/2018


1 China’s announcement that it would be imposing a 25 percent additional tariff on exported American pork could not have come at a worse time for the American pork industry, coming as it does after the industry had just hit record levels in 2017, when U.S. pork exports recorded the largest year ever in volume, with sales to more than 100 countries around the world. 2 United States pork and pork variety meat exports totaled 5.399 billion pounds valued at $6.486 … Read More

Global Logistics

Improved infrastructure will allow handling of more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE: The US backlog is $4.6 trillion, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. (Image: Kevin Rofidal, USCG)

Common Good has released an update of its 2015 report “Two Years, Not Ten Years,” revealing that the cost of delay in rebuilding America’s infrastructure has grown in five years from about $3.7 trillion to nearly $3.9 trillion. That’s an increase of nearly $200 billion – or $40 billion per year. The overall total includes direct costs associated with construction delays … Read More

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Entrpreneurs, whether or not thet deal with shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade, will be interested in this list of top global cities.
SAN FRANSISCO: Study found it’s the best city for young entrepreneurs, with a thriving startup scene and low unemployment.

The Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs

GT Staff 12:32 AM  5/24/2018

Nestpick, an apartment search engine based in Geremany, has released a study revealing the top 110 cities for entrepreneurial millennials, based on factors such as startup ecosystem and employment. Nestpick conducted this study in order to pinpoint which cities are successfully attracting this generation and therefore a core future workforce. “Millennials grew up in a shrinking world, where the internet opened … Read More

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Investments will allow Thailand to handle more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
U-TAPAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Airbus is considering investing in an aircraft maintenance center in that location in Thailand. (Image: Peter Buxbaum)

Thailand’s robust growth of a few years ago has since slowed. Its gross domestic product growth has trailed its regional neighbors in recent years, hitting a three- to four-percent stride since 2015, while Vietnam is growing at close to seven percent. The government has embarked on programs in an effort to turn that around. Thailand 4.0 envisions a new economic model … Read More


Academic programs enhance skills in the management of shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
WRITING ON THE WALL: It’s proven that advanced degrees enrich logistics professionals in multiple ways.
Peter Buxbaum 12:31 AM  3/26/2018


Market demand for supply chain and logistics professionals is growing and so are salaries in the field. Studies show that businesses are filling 270,000 logistics jobs a year and that employment in the field will have increased 22 percent between 2012 and 2022. If you’ve got an undergraduate degree, earning a master’s may be the best bet to a higher salary. The Institute for Supply Management says a supply chain professional with a master’s degree earns 25 percent more than one … Read More

Education programs for executives in companies with shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
THE FIRST COHORT OF STUDENTS SURROUNDS SIR JAMES DYSON (Image: Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology)
Todd Mathews 12:04 AM  9/28/2017


The University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business now offers an online Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with Operations and Supply Chain Management specialization. Enrollees “benefit from in-depth study of supply chain management, lean management, quality control and other topics relevant in today’s rapidly evolving global market,” according to Beacom School of Business officials. In addition to the core M.B.A. courses that prepare students for leadership in any business role, those on the Operations and Supply Chain Management tract can … Read More

Technology is important to managing shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.
EDUCATION IS CRITICAL TO MANAGING GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS: Supply-chain managers must be encouraged to stay current with the latest global disruptions.
Michael Womack 1:40 AM  8/21/2017

The Modern Supply Chain: Education & Training

The modern supply chain is a complex weave of new technology and legacy systems all working toward the same goal, to keep products moving. New technology and the rapid rate of adoption is leaving many in the supply-chain industry wondering how they can keep up. Furthermore, as the industry continues to struggle with finding new talent to bolster its workforce, businesses are often left understaffed while managing a more complex supply network. With all these disruptions the industry faces today, an … Read More