Infrastructure investments and advanced technology can help the U.S. supply chain logistics picture in the shipment of import cargo and export cargo.

The United States boasts one of the most advanced transportation networks in the world, but its system is in decline. So says a recent report from

Tanker rates may fall thanks to strong capacity and lower levelsof import cargo shipments and export cargo shipments due to falling oil prices.

A surge in crude tanker vessel capacity over the next two years will lead to a fall in ship-owner earnings from current highs, according to a

CHINESE PORT OF QINGDAO: Slower China trade means fewer container are moving globally.

China’s economy is projected to grow through 2016 at a clip most countries only dream of. But the combination of dipping growth rates and China’s large

CHINA SHIPPING LINE: Merger of China’s National Carriers Could Improve Their Performance, But A Domino Effect of Other Consolidations Could Have a Negative Impact on Global Competition.

The possibility that China could merge its two national carriers China Ocean Shipping Co. (Cosco) and China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL), could have positive effects on

NATURAL GAS PRODUCTION: U.S. Exports Fuel Mexico's Economic Growth.

America’s natural gas revolution has generated many benefits. One that’s often overlooked is helping ease Mexico’s energy supply shortage. As the U.S. moves toward becoming a

CLOUD COMPUTING: Distributors and Manufacturers Could Reap Rewards of Cloud-Based Software But Many Are Slow to Adopt the Technology.

Small businesses that embrace the cloud achieve 25 percent additional revenue growth compared to cloud skeptics and more than double their profits, according to new research

MIGRAINE-INDUCING ERRORS: Companies looking for international success have to be willing to invest the time and the resources that are critical to preventing crippling mistakes that can cause expensive, well-intentioned marketing and product development plans to crash and burn.

It’s undeniable that the ever-morphing world of global commerce offers a multitude of golden opportunities to prosper in the marketplace of international business that were inconceivable

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: More U.S. Manufacturers Will Be Ale to Claim Tax Credits Under Legislation Pending Before Congress.

With the recent tax-extenders vote from the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, manufacturers are anticipating the extension of various tax items that have proven beneficial to the

HYPERINFLATION: One Reason Why Global Businesses Must Check Their Insurance Coverages

As a number of countries around the world experience political and economic instability, global businesses operating or making investments in those areas need to review their

COPPER SCRAP: A Favorite Among U.S. Thieves, Becoming Less Favored Among Chinese Manufacturers.

The price of copper on international markets reached a six-year low recently, part of a bear market that is effecting all of the major industrial metals.

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