AUTOMATION: Day-to-day, repetitive tasks are the first that should be automated.

Immediate and sustainable productivity improvements across an entire organization are the primary reasons behind most software implementation projects. But software in isolation can’t solve business problems.

COUNTERFEIT PHARMACEUTICALS: A Big Reason Why the U.S. Has Been Pressuring India to Reform its Patents Administration

Earlier this month, the Department of the Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) of the Indian government announced several reforms to the system of intellectual property in

U.S. MANUFACTURERS: Report reveals they are concerned about labor, supply chain issues.

U.S. manufacturing is experiencing a growth revival, but concern around labor shortages is escalating. In fact, 98 percent of manufacturers this year noted labor issues, including

KLEENEX: An example of a brand name that has come to stand for a generic product.

You know those black and white pictures that you look at and some see a vase and some see two faces? Or the one that looks

ARGENTINA TRADE: Country Will Likely Maintain Modified Import Restrictions Despite WTO Ruling

Earlier this year, the World Trade Organization Appellate Body found that certain practices of the government of Argentina with respect to imports breached international trade rules.

CHINA'S SILK ROAD: Traditional Overland Route To Central Asia Is Slated For Infrastructure Upgrade.

China’s economy has slowed down in recent years, down from a stratospheric 11 percent annual average before the global financial crisis to a still-enviable annual rate

CAPITOL HILL: Passage by U.S. Congress of African Trade Measure Was Overshadowed By Other Trade Issues.

International trade has rocketed into the headlines in 2015. Never has there been so many trade acronyms bounded around with such vigor. One such acronym has

U.S. HIGHWAYS: Long-term transportation funding bill unlikely to pass this summer.

The prospects of the U.S. Congress passing a comprehensive, multi-year highway package in the immediate future appear dim at this point.
The U.S. House of Representatives recently

FREE-TRADE: Talks Being Held in Brazil May Give Go Ahead to Agreement Between Mercosur and EU

Talks beginning tomorrow in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia will tell whether the South American trading bloc Mercosur will be proceeding in earnest with free-trade talks

FREIGHT FORWARDING: Independents Should Implement the Latest Technology to Compete Against the Big Guys

Freight forwarders have long operated in data isolation, maintaining a veil of secrecy with supply chain partners. But companies that do so are denying themselves the

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