BLACK GOLD, RED SLIP: Tumbling crude oil prices could take thousands of workers and a few state budgets down with it.

That there is a certain Bond villain-like symmetry in that the CEO of ITC Global, a Houston-based satellite communication company acquired this week by Panasonic, is

NOT A DOCTOR: Today, nearly half of the world’s coal is burned in China. Good thing we have these paper masks!

That crossbows are lots of fun until someone starts throwing “William Tell” around. And …
Apocalyptic environmental degradation doesn’t have to be a bad thing … We

MONKEY BUSINESS?: Guerrilla linguistics has its limits, says Myriam Siftar. While fluency is not required, the serious international business person should go beyond key phrases to effectively communicate. Above, Condoleezza Rice listens to a live translation during a 2007 trip to Berlin.

The November/December 2013 issue of Global Trade featured an article by international trade consultant John Freivalds entitled “Guerrilla Linguistics: How a Small Set of Foreign Phrases Can

CLASSIC STORY: Ever heard the one about the Cuban who couldn't get his wooden carburetor to work? He was STUMPED! (We'll be here all week, folks.)

That it’s fine to be your own best friend, just don’t expect to be surprised with your birthday gift, and …
Twenty Three Million’s Enough … There’s

BILL GATES: Still very, very rich.

Forbe’s 29th annual Billionaires List was announced Monday. After checking to see if we finally made the grade—we didn’t; so disappointing, especially after getting shut out

CRUSHED:  The agreement  ending the West Coast ports slowdown came too late for a lot of citrus and the people who grow them.

That just because the beer-battered, Lucky Charms-encrusted shrimp is All-You-Can-Eat, doesn’t mean you should, and …
SOMETIMES SOLVING A PROBLEM, DOESN’T … While there was much joy

RIGGED: Efficiency and innovation can help a mid-size 3PL compete with the big boys. Also, it helps if someone is actually operating the forklift ... Dawkins!

The fight for trucking capacity is heating up and 3PLs are finding they don’t have the capacity where and when they need it to serve shippers