BILL GATES: Still very, very rich.

Forbe’s 29th annual Billionaires List was announced Monday. After checking to see if we finally made the grade—we didn’t; so disappointing, especially after getting shut out

CRUSHED:  The agreement  ending the West Coast ports slowdown came too late for a lot of citrus and the people who grow them.

That just because the beer-battered, Lucky Charms-encrusted shrimp is All-You-Can-Eat, doesn’t mean you should, and …
SOMETIMES SOLVING A PROBLEM, DOESN’T … While there was much joy

RIGGED: Efficiency and innovation can help a mid-size 3PL compete with the big boys. Also, it helps if someone is actually operating the forklift ... Dawkins!

The fight for trucking capacity is heating up and 3PLs are finding they don’t have the capacity where and when they need it to serve shippers

LEGO MY TOP RANKING: After decades in business, the Danish toymaker has not only built a popular brand but, according to a British consulting firm,  the world's most powerful.

Never, never offer a woman unsolicited congratulations on the upcoming birth of a child by saying she’s “really starting to show,” and …

SPEAKING OF LEADERS: Statue of Sejong the Great, a 15th century king of South Korea who encouraged advancements in science and made efforts to improve prosperity. Not a fan of eye contact, though.

An oft-repeated reason given for the rise of Asian economies has been those nations’ large workforces known for their militaristic respect and acquiescence to the corporate

WE DON'T LIKE THEM APPLES: Retailers—and just about everyone else—are ready for the PMA and ILWU to come to an agreement and stop the permanent damage being caused by the slowdown (and now, shutdown) at U.S. West Coast ports.

Enough Already … Like so many dysfunctional relationships, the uneasy marriage between the Pacific Maritime Assn. that manages the major ports of the West Coast and

HEAVY LIFTING: America is carrying the world economy. Good thing we've got these killer rear delts.

Are you that friend that always picks up the bill for lunch or dinner? The kind whose friends are never at a loss to tell you