U.S. manufacturing has a skilled workforce issue that has spread its global supply chain across the world. For America's international businesses to continue to reshore and bring their manufacturing to the U.S., they'll have to learn to hire a skilled workforce, train them and retain them.

U.S. manufacturers face a unique problem: despite high unemployment, the industry still suffers from a skilled-labor shortage. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than three-fourths

India's Economic Climb: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (foreground) may be a little optimistic, but not by much. A new report projects India's economy will be the world's third largest by 2030.

A new report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected the largest economies in the world in 2030 and to the surprise of no one the

Supply Chain and Demand:  The world's most profitable company seemed to do so many things wrong with the Apple Watch and yet everything will turn out right ... again.

[UPDATE] As originally reported here, Apple executives confirmed Thursday that the Apple Watch will not be available to customers until June. No specific date in June

Air cargo, air freight carrier Lufthansa has become the biggest air-cargo carrier in North America and a major player in the global logistics of international trade.

Lufthansa Cargo which asserted its position as the biggest cargo carrier on the North Atlantic route, has also been looking at other regions, particularly Asia which

Relocation Services: If your global business is considering hiring in foreign countries, be sure to get accurate advice on  laws governing post-employee contracts.

In most U.S. states employers are free to bind employees with restrictive covenants—which commonly take the form of post-employment restrictions on soliciting clients or employees—as a

WORKING LIKE A DOG: Surprise! Alaska ranks 2nd for median income, at $72,237.

For American entrepreneurs, manufacturers and business owners, the American middle class is what they pine for—that great reservoir of not just customers but the kind of

BLACK GOLD, RED SLIP: Tumbling crude oil prices could take thousands of workers and a few state budgets down with it.

That there is a certain Bond villain-like symmetry in that the CEO of ITC Global, a Houston-based satellite communication company acquired this week by Panasonic, is