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The banking industry is not only one of the cornerstones of the global economy, it is firmly entrenched in nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. The financial transactions that constitute banking have been around for hundreds of years, contributing to the somewhat lackluster reputation of the industry. In recent years, however, deregulation and technological developments have brought notable changes that will help banks meet 21st century challenges in variable economic times. As other types of companies enter the financial services business, banks have also improved and expanded their suite of products and solutions to maintain their market share. The role of government, more prominent in banking than perhaps any other type of business, will continue to be critical in shaping the industry’s future.

NH governmentoffice helps companies find more shipments of export cargo and import cargo in international trade.

WATCH: Where NH Companies Get Help With Exporting

Partnership Helps Businesses Find International Markets

The NH Office of International Commerce, in partnership with The Provident Bank, offers timely and informative training seminars that help you find, and grow in, international markets.



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