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"Renewables deliver on all main pillars of sustainable development – environmental, economic and social."

IRENA Report Reveals Renewable Energy Sector Supported 11 Million Jobs in 2018

A report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) confirmed the renewable energy sector is not only increasing numbers in global employment, but also expanding regional diversification for employment opportunities in key markets beyond China, the United States and the European Union. Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam supported Asia’s position as a global employment hub for renewables jobs in 2018, … Read More

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Report: Clean Shipping Fuels can Support Trillion-Dollar Investment Opportunities

Implementing the use of clean fuels such as green ammonia creates the potential of trillion-dollar investment opportunities, specifically in developing… Read More

Port of Seattle Aims to Heat Sea-Tac Airport Entirely with RNG

The Port of Seattle is pushing to make Seattle-Tacoma International Airport the nation’s first airport heated entirely by renewable natural… Read More


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Watch for global banking leaders to continue to emerge from unlikely places and for the industry to become much more diversified. This will be a win-win for customers worldwide.
Peter Frerichs 8:50 PM  6/21/2019

Top 5 Leading Global Banks

A cursory search of “top global banks” will yield a list, typically according to size and assets, of a familiar set of names. While many of these same names are mentioned in this piece, understanding why a bank is considered a top global bank is much more nuanced than how big they are or how much they’ve netted. Leading global banks are recognized as leading by their peers because they perform exceptionally well in one of more categories. No bank has a monopoly over … Read More

What follows is a rundown of each of our target California cities, with the nightly rates being what was quoted on Dec. 10, 2018.
Matt Coker 6:43 PM  6/12/2019


California is a big state, one of the biggest, actually, with its 163,696 square miles making it the third largest in the United States in terms of area and its 39.5 million residents making it the most populous in America. When it comes to travel to or within the Golden State on business, there is no single destination that is a central location to the hubs of industry, unless that industry is agriculture, in which case just about anywhere in the … Read More

Global Logistics

Companies can design options to meet all their transportation needs with a single point of contact.

As the demands facing manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors continue to evolve, so must the services transportation and logistics companies provide their customers. All parties involved are recognizing that integrated solutions—a blending of multiple transportation and distribution options—can enable companies to maximize their resources and streamline their supply chains. With one-dimensional measures proving inadequate for overcoming what are often very particular … Read More

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HOWDY, BUSINESS PARTNER: A life-size bronze statue of Wyatt Earp stands in the Dodge City, Kansas, historic district. Credit: Shutterstock

Small-Town Life: Why it’s Good for Business

Taylor Girardi-Schachter 9:30 PM  4/15/2019

When it comes to relocating your business, you can go big (city) or you can go home. But while conventional wisdom would have you believe bigger is better, there’s something to be said for going home to small-town life–and small-town business. If you’re on the white picket fence about whether to relocate your business to a smaller, more rural locale, … Read More

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Business leaders and managers whose enterprises and key trading partners are located in areas vulnerable to catastrophes need to plan effectively and well in advance for any potential disaster.


Peter Jagger 8:56 PM  6/20/2019

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently issued its forecast for the 2019 Atlantic and Pacific Hurricane Seasons. Specifically, NOAA forecast 9-15 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes and 2-4 major (Category 3+) hurricanes between June and November for the Atlantic Basin. It also forecast 15-22 named storms, 8-13 hurricanes, including 4-8 major hurricanes, through November for the Eastern Pacific Basin. Although NOAA indicated its forecasts are “near normal” for the Atlantic Basin and “above … Read More


How are students being prepared to enter the workforce and more importantly, which business schools are integrating talent acquisition and recruiting strategies within these focused programs?
Haylle Sok 10:03 PM  6/19/2019

Beyond the Books: 5 Business Schools Preparing Students for Career Success

It’s no secret logistics and supply chain management-focused education is gaining traction each year among students. In fact, Data USA reports that in 2016, nearly 7,669 degrees were awarded in Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management. The report, which projects that number will be growing by 15.2 percent, also confirmed that a whopping 10.9 million people make up the current workforce and will continue growing by 3.53 percent. Earning a robust education is essential, but a bigger question remains on … Read More

Texas offers an experience that separates itself from neighboring southern states.
Haylle Sok 10:07 PM  6/2/2019


If the Lone Star State is in your future travel plans, prepare for an experience with culture, food and sights substantially different from the rest. Of course, depending on the time of the year, you might want to bring an extra jacket and prepare for triple-digit temperatures within the same week, but the state of Texas offers an experience that separates itself from neighboring southern states. It holds true that everything is bigger in Texas–from the chicken fried steak to … Read More

Keynote and guest speakers from leading retail and ecommerce company's such as Walmart, Groupon, Unilever, Amazon Business, Express and more.
GT Staff 11:10 PM  5/9/2019

IRCE @ RetailX: Ecommerce and Beyond

The International Retailer Conference and Exhibition features a staggering 130 sessions on a range of topics and trends in ecommerce and more, created by the editorial team at Internet Retailer Magazine. Taking place at McCormick Place South in Chicago, retailers will gather at the event known as the “one stop shop” for e-retailers and all their ecommerce needs. Keynote and guest speakers from leading retail and ecommerce company’s such as Walmart, Groupon, Unilever, Amazon Business, Express and Airbnb will address … Read More


Because of its limited sources of data, the three-way match doesn’t integrate with business systems to verify key fob swipes, messages sent, or software licenses.

4 Limitations of the Three-Way Match You Need to Consider

Josephine McCann 3:45 PM  6/18/2019